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Quick & Simple Things You Can Do to Make Yourself Feel Better

Maybe you’ve received some bad news, been feeling down, or simply want to hide away from the real world for a while. Whatever it is, it’s okay to feel your emotions and take time in processing them. It’s natural to not be happy 24/7. Although it’s not easy to feel rid of your problems and be completely stress free, there are some things you can do to make yourself feel a bit better. So, here is a compiled list of some of those things you can do to make yourself happy in the moment and give your day a little boost.

Listen to music. It’s been proven that this can change your mood! When we don’t know what to say or how to feel, music puts it into words and song for us. Put on your favorite songs or discover new music. Listen in bed, or sing along out loud, or dance in your room. 

Write down your feelings. Writing things out can help us process what we’re feeling. You can write anything really, you’ll feel like you got something off your chest and onto paper. 

Talk to your friends. Remind yourself that you have people who love you and would be happy to hear from you – whether its on text or call. If you don’t feel like talking, maybe hear them out if they want to talk about something. Listening to others can change your perspective on your own problems, or make you feel better knowing that you were there for someone else. 

Two words: online shopping. We all know how fun it is to scroll through online shops. So actually put the things you like into your chart and proceed to checkout – treat yourself!

Go for a walk. Breathing in fresh air, clearing your mind or processing your thoughts, observing others carrying on in their day-to-day lives, can all often make one feel calmer. 

Make plans. Having something to look forward to will remind you that you are not stuck with any negative situation or emotions you may be dealing with in the present. 

EAT! Seriously, eat whatever. I’m sure most of us agree that good food = good mood. Don’t feel guilty for eating what you want when you’re not feeling great. 

Read a book or watch YouTube/ Netflix. It’s fun to lose yourself into movies, TV shows, videos, and stories. It can help you distract yourself from your own life for a while. It can also be educational. 

Meditate. This can help you empty your mind and make you feel relaxed or calm.

Make a list of the things that make you happy. This can easily remind you of all the “simple” things in life that make you smile and happy. Our life is ultimately a collection of these little moments so don’t take them for granted. It can be from spending time with your family to wearing red lipstick. 

Take a nap. Why not just take a break from everything and sleep for a while? You can deal with whatever after a few hours when you’re feeling a bit more refreshed…

Get creative. Draw, paint, sing, dance, play an instrument, etc. Let it out in a creative form. 

Work out. You can physically relieve some stress and also feel accomplished. 

Donate to charity or volunteer somewhere. Tuning into world issues and taking the time to do what you can for others can remind you that no matter what you’re feeling, it can’t stop you from making a meaningful impact in the world. You will always have a lot to offer.  Help others when you feel like you can’t help yourself – it may give you strength and confidence. 

Pamper yourself. Get out those face masks, put some bubbles in the tub, pour yourself a drink, etc. You deserve to be pampered and enjoy these little things. If you don’t want to stay in, you can go get your nails done or get a massage.

Clean your room. Okay, yes, when you’re not in the best mood, you might feel very unmotivated to clean your room…but it can help you feel decluttered and accomplished. 

Get dressed up. Put on a cute outfit, maybe some makeup – whatever you want to do to feel confident. This can push you to go out and not let your look go to waste. Or, you can also stay in your room and take awesome selfies with a mini photoshoot – your call. 

Buy a present. This could be for yourself or for someone else. Treating yourself is always fun, and so is surprising someone by showing how much you care for them. 

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