The Only 5 Things You Need to Get Through January 2019

First of all, congratulations - we are officially in the 2019 new year. Probably some of you are still not over with your Christmas song playlist on Spotify and are struggling to make new year resolutions. As the cold winter weather continues on, basically what we all want to do is binge watch Netflix in your cozy bed or just eat comfort food all day. Sure that’s no problem, but why not try something new? Here are my personal 5 things that you only need to survive this hectic month.

1. Morning Call: listen to Promise by Park Jimin

Not surprised, I am still a hard stan BTS army. Yet this song sung by BTS member Jimin is pure beauty at an extra level; this ballad broke the Soundcloud record - surpassing Drake - for most streams in its first day of release and is also ranked by the New York Times as one of the top 10 songs to listen to in 2019. Promise is a simple ballad with only one acoustic guitar accompanied by Jimin’s soothing voice. If you need a morning call, trust me - this is the one choice.

2. Stay Motivated: listen to It’s You by R-Chord

We probably all have our own music playlist to stay motivated when we prep for piles of reports and incoming final exams, but why not add this song as well? Taiwanese singer R-Chord is known to produce music hits that remind us to view our lives positively, and I instantly fell in love with this bright song after hearing it just once. My favorite lyrics is the chorus part: “Don’t easily give up as long as you have faith in solving your problems; if you put effort into something, trust God that he will arrange the best path for you.” This recent duet hit became popular in Taiwan because of the moving passage.

3. First-Year: check out Tokyo Mega Illumination at Oi-Keibajo

If you do not mind the cold outdoors, you cannot miss out this amazing, spectacular illumination located at Oi-Keibajo (horse race course), which is around 15 minutes from Shinagawa station. Tokyo Mega Illumination just started this year for the first time and is the largest illumination in the Kanto area. When I showed the pictures to a few friends, they immediately asked “Where is it? It’s so beautiful I want to go!” Even though it requires ticket for entrance, it is totally worth it since you are guaranteed to be able to take lots of dazzling pictures.

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4. Best ramen in Tokyo: Afuri ramen

As a person who enjoys ramen with lighter tasting broth, Afuri ramen has became my favorite ramen place in Tokyo. There are so many different locations of Afuri in Tokyo, so a bonus point for convenience. Afuri incorporates yuzu (also in the citrus family) and chicken in their ramen broth, which makes the broth not as salty as that of tonkotsu-based ramen. Although Afuri ramen is sold at a higher price than that of normal ramen, it is definitely worth the try.

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5. Comforting dessert: Ringo apple pie at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya and Ikebukuro

Last but not least, I need to introduce this delicious dessert. Ringo apple pie is famous amongst both tourists and Tokyo locals and has made its appearance on television multiple times. Just as an extra remark, Ringo is able to sell about 300,000 apple pies per month. What makes this particular apple pie special is its chunky apple filing with custard that is not overpoweringly sweet. Pop it in the oven right before you try it out as nothing is better than a warm apple pie for comfort food.

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Hopefully, these 5 recommendations will be able to guide you through your winter seasonal syndrome, whether it be listening to the two songs, watching the winter illumination or trying out new comfort food. Excuse me as I leave to listen to Promise on one-hour loop.