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Nakano: Your New Hub

Many students at Waseda University can sympathize with the difficulty in fixing class schedules for the semester. The word “overenrolled” presents them with an absolute nightmare, and people pray to whatever god there is that they will get the classes that they hoped for. However, more often than not students are presented with the situation where they go to class in the morning and their next class doesn’t happen to be until much later in the day. While that precious time could be spent studying, why waste such nice weather cooped up inside?

The good news for students is that there are great options for them to head outside of campus for a couple of hours, without traveling too much. One of these locations is Nakano. In recent years, Nakano has developed to be a great hub for university students. The completion of the Waseda University Nakano International Community Plaza, which includes the brand new international dormitory called WISH – short for Waseda International Student House – along with the recent establishment of Nakano campuses of Meiji University and Teikyo Heisei University has resulted in a great amount of students flowing in and out of the area. An added advantage is the proximity to Waseda’s campus. Just 10 minutes on the Tozai line train from Waseda, students are likely to regard Nakano as a fantastic spot to spend some time, whether that would be in between classes or as a casual hangout spot after school.

The area right outside of the North Exit is sure to appeal to many students from Waseda. The main attraction, Central Park, is adjacent to not only a host of great cafes and dining spots, but also to the Meiji and Tokyo Heisei campuses, resulting in a big number of students spending their time hanging out and studying in this area. One of the options along the list of restaurants is Good Morning Café. This trendy café is known for its Eggs Benedict, which is experiencing a popularity boom in Japan right now, especially amongst female university students. Since most food items on the menu are priced under the 1000 yen mark, students are sure to enjoy this trendy dining spot!

With the Meiji and Tokyo Heisei campuses situated along Central Park, Waseda students are presented with great opportunities with meeting people from different universities. Why not take up a chance to start a Frisbee session in the park? The people you meet there could become good friends in the future. With opportunities galore for students, Nakano has surely become a wonderful option for those looking for activities near the Waseda Campus.

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