A Must-Do Guide: 2018 Summer in Canada

As we approach the end of July, some people might be groaning about the intense summer heat and simply want to stay indoors all the time in order to stay away from the beaming sunshine. Yet I believe that others - including myself - very much enjoy the summer vibe and weather. What’s not to love about the beaches, blue skies, and glowing sunlight every day? For people living in Toronto, there are plenty of new spots and events that you can enjoy this summer. Here is a short guide of what to look out for if you are in Canada this summer or would like to experience a North American summer in the future.

1. Crossing science and bubble tea: Labothéry Inc

Labothéry Inc is the first bubble tea store in the world to incorporate the concept of science experiments into bubble tea-making. Open for only 6 months, Labothéry has certainly become not only a popular Instagram spot but also a place to create your own personalized drink. In the store, the drink toppings are enclosed in Petri dishes, fresh tea flavors in syringes, and milk tea flavors in test tubes. If you love chemistry and bubble tea, be sure to check out this spot!

Image Source: Angela Chung

2. Unique arts and drama performances: Luminato Festival (6/6~6/24)

If you are a music and art performance lover, you have to check out the Luminato Festival. This show has been recognized as a popular, large-scale summer arts festival around the world for around a decade and attracts many tourists every year. One fun event is Le Grand Continental, in which hundreds of people join in a flash mob dance performance in front of Toronto City Hall. This year, I volunteered as an ambassador for the first time at this festival. There are more than 33 shows and 1,000 artists for you to choose from, so don’t miss out!

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3. Eat, drink, and enjoy live music: Union Summer (7/1~8/19)

When thinking about summer, there has to be good food venues and outdoor live music. Union Summer 2018 brings you all the good summer vibes and is conveniently located at downtown Toronto. While Luminato Festival brings world music together to Canada, Union Summer 2018 can truly showcase Toronto’s talent, culture, and spirits during the summer. Do not forget to walk through this large outdoor market and enjoy the summer weather with your friends!

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4. Celebrating Canada’s birthday: Canada Day fireworks (7/1)

Everyone pretty much knows how beautiful firework displays are in Japan, but why not experience fireworks in a different country? July 1st is Canada Day, and there are multiple places throughout the city of Toronto that present spectacular firework shows, such as fireworks near the Lake of Ontario or fireworks in Mel Lastman Square, located in Northern Toronto. Summer is the definitely the best time to celebrate Canada’s birthday.

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