KPop: Colorful Page of the Music Industry

KPop, or Korean Pop music, has really been booming these few years and expanding its territory to not only Asia but the entire world. You might wonder what all this Kpop hype is about, but to me Korean pop music is not just about being trendy and stylish; some popular Kpop songs convey deep and touching meanings through their rhythm and lyrics. There are simply too many successful Korean pop groups, but here are four special Kpop groups that are continuing to gain attention globally.

4. The Backstreet Boys of KPop - Super Junior

This next sentence basically says it all: They are KPop legends. Debuted 13 years ago, Super Junior has received numerous music awards and is already acknowledged as a KPop super boy band. Despite the fact that the members are in their early 30s, SuJu is consistently producing new music with different evolving musical styles. Continuing with the #despacitotrend, Super Junior’s most recent single Lo Siento brings in an addictive Latin vibe.

3. Defining KPop charisma - BigBang

Big Bang has also been in the KPop music industry for a dozen years now and they are also known as a globally successful music group. Their modern music creations display power and masculinity, which are considered as representing characteristics of Big Bang. While two members are in the military at the moment, you can take a moment to appreciate the 2016 hit Bang Bang Bang as it became an extremely popular hit across Asia.

2. The cheerful mood booster - Twice

Although I’ve been mainly supporting KPop male groups, how can I not mention this recent girls’ group with high popularity across Asia? With the group member age average of merely 20, Twice constantly releases songs displaying their young, cheerful spirit and happiness, which easily serves as cute mood boosters. All of their songs are hit songs - my recommendation would be Heart Shaker released at the end of last year.

1. Energetic shining stars - BTS

"Kim Nam-joon! Kim Seok-jin! Min Yoon-gi! Jung Ho-seok! Park Ji-min! Kim Tae-hyung! Jeon Jung-kook! BTS!” What a mesmerizing fan chant, isn’t it? BTS made history by becoming the first ever KPop group to make it on the American Music Awards stage last year. Despite having an extremely busy schedule, what I love most about them is how close and supportive the 7 members are. Let Go is one of their most recent slow songs that I love, and the song comes with mixed Japanese and English lyrics!

Enjoy these songs, and you would not want to miss out how amazing Korean pop music is. We can all look forward to more exciting, successful hits to come for sure.