Humans of Waseda: Rinca Yang

What drew you to music and singing? 

I've loved singing my whole entire life. From when I was in kindergarten, I would record myself singing the songs from Disney movies and everything; and I thought I was super cool and I would show it to my parents. I also used to organize singing performances with friends. My friend's parents owned a recording studio, so we actually got to record a Starbucks Christmas kid's CD in kindergarten. I thought it was super fun and since then I've been doing music, either with vocal jazz and vocal bands. I wanted to be a star. 

What's your favourite genre of music to sing? 

I like singing slow acoustic songs that are sort of depressing. My vibe is more of the "singing in the rain" and I really like having a low-fi edit in my songs. What I'm trying to say is that I like it when there's less instrumentals and the vocals are the focus. 

What's been your favourite performance so far? 

My favourite performance would have to be when I sang at WOMB for a Halloween Event last year! I sang pop songs, so while it wasn't anything that showed off my vocal skills, it was still really fun. Everyone was having a good time, all my friends were there, and it was the first time I actually performed in front of a bunch of people. I'm used to performing with my acapella circle in front of judges, and not so much for fun. I also got to practice in a studio and everything before actually performing, and that was really cool. 

Provided by Rinca

Do you plan on pursuing music further in the future? Why/Why not?

I actually considered it before, and I wanted to go to Berklee College of Music. But after getting in, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to attend, because going Berklee would have cemented my future as a singer. And if something I like doing becomes a job, I wouldn't want to do it anymore. I got a lot of opportunities to sing and perform here in Waseda anyways, so for now, I want to keep it as a hobby so that I have something fun to do when I want to escape from reality. 

Where can people listen to your covers? 

They can find me on either SoundCloud or Instagram! I cover more mainstream songs on my Instagram account, so they can go check out my SoundCloud for full covers and songs that I've edited to have rain/a more relaxing vibe in the background.