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Humans of Waseda: Fukase Stanley

Name: Fukase Stanley

Department: School of International Liberal Arts

Loves: Fashion and makeup

What does “fashion” mean to you?

“Fashion to me is a way of expressing myself because as people we are not able to express our inner self, but clothes have given me the chance to do that. There are no boundaries, you make your own rules, you pick what you want and take full control of what you wear depending on your mood…and the weather.” 

What is your creative outlet? Would you call yourself a creative person?

“I believe everyone is creative in their own little ways, but it takes more time and effort for other people to express their creativity and for me I was able to figure out my passion in fashion, beauty, taking pictures and sharing them on Instagram with the people and that is one of the forms of creativity for me.”

What is it like being a guy wearing makeup in Japan?

“It is not a norm for men to wear makeup in Japan but, as I said a while ago, it is one of my creative outlets. I started wearing makeup last year when I moved to Japan because I always felt like makeup is part of fashion and the entire look and I always want to mix and match my makeup and clothes. I feel like I can express myself more when I wear makeup. Usually I get a lot of stares whenever I am in the store or when I am traveling in the train and I get pictures taken of me on the trains; for instance, I would just be standing and high school girls would take pictures of me maybe because I am wearing makeup or maybe because I look different. At first, I was always insecure about wearing makeup because of the attention I attracted and the stares I received but I learned not to give a *beep*.”

How was your struggle coming out? What is it like being gay in Japan?

“Growing up I always struggled with my sexuality, especially because I grew up in a Christian family, my dad is a hardcore Christian to the point he says he wants to “kill every gay person in the world”. So, growing up I always struggled, but moving to Japan and owning a place far from my family really allowed me to express myself and do what I want; but I feel like Japan is a very accepting community despite the fact it is very conservative at the same time.”

“I do get stared at a lot when I am with my boyfriend holding hands in public or doing regular PDA, but I feel Japanese people are very non-confrontational, not necessarily accepting but they don’t attack you, like in America where  people literally die from being gay; but I think its a good community and the university I go to–that is Waseda University– has a very accepting community and I have never been judged there so everyone is nice. It’s GOOD AND FRESH.”

May feels weird talking about herself in the third person but anyway.... May is a sophomore at Waseda University and loves to read fantasy and romance novels. She loves to cuddle and drink lots of milk tea......and sometimes writing.
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