Hot Drama: The World Between Us

Promo picture for the 7 main casts of this drama. (Image source)

Ever since the first news release on the broadcast of The World Between Us, I had been anticipating this drama. As a person who much rather prefers romcoms and happy dramas, I watched the first episode with discretion. After finishing the first episode, the drama’s delicate plot lingered in my head. I guess that’s when you call a drama ‘successful’--you convinced a viewer who isn't part of your target audience.

The World Between Us is a 10-episode TV drama series produced by Public Television Service in Taiwan, which is known to produce high-quality dramas. HBO Asia also took part in broadcasting this drama in order to reach a more global audience. The ratings continue to increase with each episode (all 10 episodes have been broadcasted) and it is undoubtedly the most discussed Taiwanese drama at the moment.

The story displays the perspectives of different individuals related to the issue of random killing, while also depicting the psychological mindset of family members of the perpetrator and family members of the victim. In addition, The World Between Us also looks into the struggle of human rights under the law and the consciousness of psychopaths, while reflecting upon the mindsets of the current mass media.

Ying Ssu-Tsung (portrayed by J.C. Lin, right) with his elder sister Ying Ssu-yueh (portrayed by Pet Tseng, left) as he cries on her shoulder, showing his weakness as a schizophrenia patient. Many audiences were touched by this scene. (Image source)

Even though the topic may seem ugly and stern, director Lin believes: “We should really dive into the essence of the story and create a drama that heals our hearts. Through this drama, we want to remind the viewers that even though life can seem extremely somber at times, remember that love is always there.”

As Liu Chao-kuo (portrayed by James Wen, left) negotiates with his wife Sung Chiao-an (portrayed by Alyssa Chia, right) to tidy up their deceased son’s room, the mother is still unable to withdraw herself from the sorrows of her son’s death. (Image source)

Topics are already set for each episode of the drama, which are The Victim, Happy Mother’s Day, Rift, Insight, The Sinner, After That, Bullying, All Beings are Sick, Until Dawn and Look Into the Future. Despite the fact that each episode of The World Between Us seems distinct and independent, the series intertwines to help viewers decipher what mass media “really” wants to present to the world.

Whether you are working in the media industry or not (like me), it is hard to not fall for this TV drama series due to its realistic storyline and intricate plot. You can watch The World Between Us on Catchplay or HBO Asia; 2 episodes are released every Sunday, with the last 2 episodes aired on April 21st.