Five Great Things About Fall in Tokyo

Temperatures have dropped quite a bit lately and the leaves are starting to change colours. Autumn is right around the corner now, and even though the sweltering heat of summer is finally over, it is hard to not feel a little sad that all the fun festivals and events of summer are coming to an end. Don’t feel too disheartened though, because fall is arguably one of the best seasons in Japan.

It’s not too cold 

Photo Ella Jacobson

As temperatures very rarely drop below 15 degrees in fall, it makes it very easy to get dressed and go out to enjoy the outdoors without worrying too much about getting cold. There are still plenty of events around the city. For example, roses are in full bloom in October, and being able to go outside without feeling like you are going to melt or freeze to death is definitely a great big plus for fall. 

Cute fashion

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

As a Northern European gal, fall usually just meant that you have to start layering up to keep warm. Sure, fall colours are pretty universally cute, but the mild temperature of Tokyo autumn really gives you a lot room to play with different styles and fashion trends that wouldn’t be possible when everything you wear is just to make sure you won’t be turning into an ice lolly. There are hundreds of cute stores and magazines with different styles, so it’s a great opportunity to play a bit with your wardrobe, even if just for inspiration of how to wear the pieces that you already have.


kazuomats_ on flickr

No, I’m not taking about the father of Thor and Loki, but of the Japanese soup-dish. Oden is a very typical fall and winter staple, consisting of things like fish cakes, daikon(Japanese radish), egg and Konjaku that have been slowly boiled in dashi broth. When fall comes around, all the convenience stores start serving their own Oden, and it’s a really warming, cheap and healthy option for both dinner or lunch. There are of course restaurant options available, but there is something that just screams autumn about when that おでん (oden) sign is put up in front of your local 7/11.

紅葉 (Kouyou) fall leaves 

Photo Ella Jacobson

Some might argue that spring is the best season of Japan since the Sakura is blooming, but I would like to put in a counter argument for the spectacular display of colour that comes with autumn in japan. Even inside the city it is hard to miss the vibrantly red and yellow of the Momiji and Ginnan trees , but just by leaving the heart of the city for a little bit and going somewhere like Okutama you will really get the full kouyou, fall leave viewing experience.

The fall and winter coffee flavors

Photo Ella Jacobson

Say what you will about flavored coffee, but it’s hard to argue that the amount of options that comes out with the season is not absolutely spectacular. All the coffee chains put out seasonal specialties, as well as festive options relating to Halloween, or even Christmas flavours like the gingerbread latte at Starbucks starting from November.