Electro Swing: Fusion of the Past and the Present

Both modern and vintage at the same time, electro swing is a unique musical fusion that is slowly gaining widespread attention. The genre is characterized as a mix between swing, or music that was popular around the 1920s and 30s, and contemporary music such as EDM. It is reminiscent of the racy, glittering feel of the Jazz Age with its brass instrumentals, and evokes a sense of nostalgia. Together with electric beats, electro swing is an interplay of sounds of the past and present. In an age where the music world is dominated by newer and more futuristic artists, electro swing is bringing in rhythms of the past with a modern touch. Here are a few iconic names from the electro swing community. 

Parov Stelar 

One of the most celebrated artists of the genre, Parov Stelar is credited with making electro swing popular and continues to lead the way. His compositions are fit for a club with their upbeat, dance-inducing rhythms. The music videos that accompany his works are also notable for their art; reflecting the stylish and rich nature of his music. One can imagine being in the world of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby while listening to a Parov Stelar song. 

Works: "Jimmy's Gang" (pictured), "The Mojo Radio Gang", "All Night", "Catgroove"

Caravan Palace

Alongside Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace is another iconic band that has also made electro swing well-known to various audiences. Although there is a definite air of the Jazz  Age, there are strong pop elements that make their music suitable for both an energetic party or a classic club in full swing. It is also worth noting that the artistic animation featured in their music videos; a mesmerizing pairing of visuals and sounds that transports the audience to a bygone age. 

Works: "Rock It For Me" (pictured), "Lone Digger", "Dramophone", "Suzy"

The Real Tuesday Weld

What makes The Real Tuesday Weld stand out from other artists is their authentic quality that is very similar to swing from the Jazz Age; as well as the witty yet dark animated music videos that accompany their songs. Bittersweet but melodious, their music resonates with a somber, nostalgic feeling. Romance and alcoholism are common themes frequently expressed by this eccentric artist. 

Works: "Kix(pictured), "the show must go on", "Me and Mr Wolf", "The Day Before You Came"

Jamie Berry

Similar in style to Parov Stelar, Jamie Berry's music has a fine balance between pop and swing; placing emphasis on the rhythm and feel. Works such as "Delight" are appropriate for a neo-noir film or a dance club late in the night. Both current EDM fans and those who have a taste in vintage music alike will appreciate the past-present mixes by Berry. His works have been featured by dancer Sven Otten (JSM "JustSomeMotion"), who specializes in creating dance videos with electro swing music. 

Works: "Delight", "Lost in the Rhythm" (pictured, with JSM and Eric Stehfest), "Peeping Tom", "Out of My Mind"

Swing Republic

A funky melody can be easily picked out from songs by Swing Republic; alongside soothing tones reminiscent of the Jazz Age. Sleek and evocative of the night life, their music makes use of orchestral music and a rhythm that meanders between modern and vintage. One of their popular pieces, "Fall", is a cabaret-style work that heightens its 1920's atmosphere with the black, slick outfits donned by the performers. 

Works: "Fall" (pictured), "Long Legs", "Crazy in Love", "No No No"

Alice Francis 

There is an immediate aura of decadence and style characteristic of the Roaring Twenties from Alice Francis  - whether it is her flapper outfit, as seen in "Gangsterlove"or the sweet and powerful nature of her music. Despite the strong presence of vintage notes, modern sounds such as synth still come into play to produce an entertaining experience. The music and even the choice of fashion portrayed in her music videos make her a real-life Great Gatsby figure. 

Works: "Gangsterlove" (pictured), "St. James Ballroom", "Shoot Him down!", "Dear Love"