Campus Life: Nishiwaseda International Student House

Most of the exchange students in Waseda University will live in Nishiwaseda International Student House. So, it might be better to know more about it. Living here is very convenient because you can walk to school (Waseda University's West Gate) within 8 minutes, to Takadanobaba within 15 minutes, and to Nishi Waseda Station within 6 minutes. It is also close to Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

Front Gate

You must take off your shoes before entering this dormitory. Slippers can be found in the shoe cabinets and a mail box protected by a personal password is also provided.



A lot of public kitchenware is provided here, such as a microwave, oven, and rice cooker. Unfortunately, the oven provided cannot adjust temperature. Hence, I have burned my cookies a few times. The television can also be used; my dorm-mates always play video games with it. Make sure to clean the kitchenware after using them.

Theoretically speaking, the garbage has to be categorized, but most of the dorm-mates do not actually give a fig. Troublesome as it seems, it just costs you a few seconds to do so after you have gotten used to it. 


It costs you 100 yen to wash your clothes, and another 100 yen to dry your clothes here.


Your Room

The balcony isn't locked, and you can always dry your clothes whenever you want.


The desk in your room is really, really big, and it is really convenient for clumsy people like me because I can simply put all my books and boardgames on my desk. A fridge and an air-con are also provided in your room.


On the right hand side of your desk, a wardrobe can be found.


Above the desk, your bed!


The washroom is pretty small, but there is a bathtub so you can still take a bath.


The monthly rent and utility charge for a double room are 40000 yen and ~5000 yen respectively, which is actually unbelievably cheap in Tokyo. Single rooms are also provided with higher rent. Although the Nishiwaseda International Student House isn't gorgeous, it is convenient due to its geographical location. To sum up, its cost-effectiveness is high.