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Bharat Prakash

Name: (The Great) Bharat PrakashNationality: IndianHoroscope: CapricornFaculty: School of Political Science and EconomicsYear: Freshman

Reasons for studying in Japan?Where to begin? From Anime to Taiyaki. From the beaches of Okinawa to the snow festivals of Hokkaido. From the peaceful temples of Kyoto to the bustling areas in Tokyo. One can find anything that suits her/him. And I had many Japanese friends even before I came to Japan. They motivated me to take the leap of faith and I am glad that I did.

What do you do in your free time?A better question would have been, if I have free time? But since you asked, I liked to visit different places within Tokyo and if it’s a longer break, I love going on trips for a day or two. Besides that, I like to jog late at night and work on my novel.

Your ideal type of girl?A question I have been asked several times. Let’s see, to begin with, someone who can carry out mentally stimulating conversation for more than an hour. Yup and besides that, it all depends on her personality.

A pick up line you would totally use?Pfft… Pick up lines are for kids. Let’s just say, a love for ice cream, a quick hand for magic and well-timed conversations has helped me over the years. *Smiles* 

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