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Best Momiji Spots to Visit Around Tokyo

Halloween is over and it seems like winter is approaching quickly. Don’t worry! We still have one more event to enjoy of fall - “momijigari (紅葉狩り)”.

In Japan, we call the changing color of the leaves “kouyou”. The best season for kouyou is during the end of October until the end of November, depending on the location and altitude.

Nikko and Kyoto are famous spots to go see kouyou, but for those of you who are busy and have no time to take a trip, here’s a list of some places you can see beautiful momiji near Tokyo.

1. Okutama

[Best time to see] Early October 〜 Mid-November

[Address] Hara Okutama-cho, Tokyo

[Access] Public Transportation: JR Okutama Station and take a bus for 20 mins to Okutama-ko

               Car: 1 hour from Hinode IC of Ken-O Expressway

2. Nagatoro

There is also a light up festival at night (11/14-11/29).

[Best time to see] Mid-November 〜 End of November

[Address] 529 Nagatoro, Chichibu District, Saitama

[Access] Public Transportation: 5 mins walk from Nagatoro St. (Chichibu Railway)

               Car: Take the Route 140 from Hanazono IC (Kan-Etsu Expressway) for 30 mins

3. Mt. Takao

[Best time to see] Mid-November

[Address] Hahiouji-city, Tokyo

[Access] Public Transportation: Takao Sangushi St. (Keiou-Takako Line)

              Car: 3 mins from Takao IC of Ken-O Expressway

4. Oyama Temple

[Best time to see] Mid-November 〜 End of November

[Address] 724 Oyama Isehara-city Kanagawa

[Access] Public Transportation: Take a bus for 30 mins (until the last stop) from Isehara St. (Odaku-Odawara Line) and walk for 15 minutes to the Oyama cable car.

               Car: 30 mins drive from Atsugi IC (Toumei Expressway)

5. Meiji Jingu Gaien

Last but not least, this is probably the closest and most accessible spot. It's very close to Omotesando, so you could take a nice walk along the bright yellow boulevard after shopping or dinner!

[Best time to see] End of November 〜 Early December

[Address] Kita-Aoyama 1 Chome Minatoku, Tokyo

[Access] Public Transporation: JR Shinano St., JR Sendagaya St. / Tokyo Metro Ginza, Hanzoumon, Toei-Ooedo Line Aoyama Ichome St.


Enjoy! HCXO, Her Campus Waseda

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