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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waseda chapter.

Due to my internship location, I had the opportunity to (somewhat) explore Yokohama City since the beginning of this year. My initial perception of Yokohama City was that “It’s so far from Tokyo. You have to sit on the train for at least an hour…” Compared to Yokohama local citizens, there are definitely a lot more amazing places that I haven’t discovered yet since Yokohama spans over many stations. As I have experienced work and lifestyle at both the Motomachi area and Minatomirai areas of Yokohama, there are five beautiful sides of this city that I would recommend to people who have not yet visited.

1. Ocean View for Days

Even though the Minatomirai area does not technically overlook the ocean, being able to stroll around and enjoy the serene marine view of Tokyo Bay truly makes the Minatomirai area an attractive one. As a person who enjoys an oceanic view more than any other scenery, the perfect combination of blue sky with no clouds and bay marine view makes you feel calm and at ease.

In addition to Minatomirai, taking a walk and enjoying the cruise-water view around the Yokohama Akarenga Red Brick Warehouse near Nihon-Odori station is another great alternative.

Photos by Yolanda (friend of writer)

2. Shopping Paradise for Tourists

If you are seeking a shopping district besides Tokyo, Yokohama would probably be your best choice. For the Motomachi area and Minatomirai area, they display completely different ‘shopping vibes’; the Motomachi area is scattered with cute petite shops waiting for your discovery, while the Minatomirai area is filled with large shopping malls and department stores currently under construction. For these two areas alone, I can guarantee that most tourists’ shopping requests will be fulfilled.

Photo by Yolanda (friend of writer)

3. Relaxing Atmosphere

As far as I am too used to the bustling Tokyo 24/7 during weekdays, Yokohama City gives off a much different vibe. It is true that you still see lots of people rushing off to work at Yokohama as well, but the overall pace is definitely slower. Taking the Minatomirai Line stations for example – from the large Yokohama station to Motomachi-Chukagai station, there are various spots that tourists and locals can enjoy along the way. You can enjoy the different sceneries across all four seasons at Yokohama.

Photo by Yolanda (friend of writer)

4. Festive Events

If you are looking for a place in Japan that screams true ‘festive vibes’, Yokohama is the perfect location! You can already see Christmas trees in various shops around Yokohama, with the most prominent one located in Minatomirai station. Due to the fact that Yokohama is a marine area, the beautiful winter illuminations arranged in December every year attract both tourists and locals. The Yokohama Christmas Market located at the Akarenga Red Brick Warehouse is another popular spot that brings you the foreign Christmas atmosphere; you can enjoy warm churros, mulled wine, and many more.

Photo by Angela

5. Gourmet Choices

Yokohama City has numerous delicious food choices and restaurants that you can choose from. The famous, large Chinatown located at Motomachi-Chukagai station is well-known for its countless Chinese gourmet cuisines. Even if you are just spending an afternoon hanging out at the Minatomirai area, all the restaurant choices that the different shopping malls have might make you unable to make a final decision. Japanese, Italian, Indian, fusion — there will be one restaurant that can satisfy your appetite. If you still have room for dessert, be sure to try out the ‘world number one’ Mille Mele apple pie as well.

Photo by Angela

I hope you are more familiar with the beautiful sides of Yokohama after reading this article. Tired of going to the same places in crowded Tokyo? Make Yokohama your next location to visit.

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