4 Places to Make You Fall in Love with Taiwan

Taiwan - this name rings a bell to some people for sure. Either because it's their hometown or that they have visited the island as tourists. Despite the fact that Taiwan is an extremely small dot and country on the world map, 10.6 million tourists made a visit to this beautiful Formosa last year. As you get acquainted with the four spectacular scenic spots described in the article, you will immediately want to make Taiwan your next vacation destination.


1. Blue Tears in the Matsu Islands (★★★★★)

Have you ever wondered if tears had color? Perhaps you will discover the answer when you pay a visit to the Matsu Islands, located Northwest of Taiwan. Similar to the aurora borealis, the transient, magnificent scene of Blue Tears requires the perfect combination of ocean tides, wind and moonlight. These bioluminescent organisms peak during April to June and you will not be disappointed by these beautiful sea sparkles for sure. (Image Source)


2. Rainbow Church in Qijin District, Kaohsiung City (★★★★)

Just as you thought the crazy rainbow trend in 2017 was over, this unique rainbow church located in Southern Taiwan is still popular across Instagram and among tourists. This church is owned by a bridal company as their private property, yet the vibrant rainbow colors soon became viral last year. If you are the biggest rainbow fan, this would be the wedding venue of your dreams. (Image Source)


3. Jancing Historic Trail in Yilan County (★★★★)

Ranked as one of the 28 best trails in the world in 2015, the 1km-long Jancing Historic Trail will bring you a refreshing and delightful afternoon. Located in Northeastern Taiwan, locals and tourists get to walk on the old abandoned railway surrounded by mist, green nature and maple trees. If you are looking for a quiet getaway site, do not miss out this trail. (Image Source)


4. Scissor rock Jinmianshan Hiking Trail in Neihu District, Taipei (★★★)

When you are too tired to visit a far scenic spot in Taiwan, the Jinmianshan Hiking Trail located in Northeastern Taipei is your best option. Take some effort to climb up the 200m high scissor rock on a sunny day and be prepared to take lots of pictures of the superb day view of Taipei city. When you reach the top of scissor rock, it seems as if all of your worries have disappeared and it’s so worth it. (Image Source)


Mark these four amazing, unique locations when you visit Taiwan, and I can proudly say that this small Formosa is able to provide not just locals, but tourists with many pleasant surprises.