4 Ideal Getaway Places You Should Visit

Since I have been a Tokyo inhabitant for 6 years, I have traveled to numerous places throughout Japan and I am constantly stunned by the sheer natural beauty that Japan offers. As a foreigner in Japan who does not enjoy going to places with overflowing tourist crowds, here are 4 places in Japan that I recommend going to when you need a little getaway.

1. Underrated Secret Nature: Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Trail in Kyoto

Being the first time to come to this place, I was completely surprised by how much I adored this beautiful nature. Many newlyweds actually take their wedding pictures on this path! Be prepared to take lots of pictures for Instagram as you walk through this 600 meter long path while being surrounded by bamboo forests on both sides. I personally visited this forest trail around this time (end of May) last year, and you can sense the cool breeze taking away your concerns.

Photo Credit: Angela Chung

2. Renowned Nature Site: Miyajima island in Hiroshima

This scenic spot (a Japanese cultural property) was ranked the top by foreign tourists in 2011, and there is no doubt that Miyajima still remains a popular tourist attraction up to this day. I personally visited Miyajima island around 4 years ago in October, which I think is the best time to go, as the amazing blue sky and peaceful ocean serve as the perfect harmonious background.

Photo Credit

3. Friends’ Hangout Spot: Shinjuku Terrace in Tokyo

Just as you might be too familiar with the city of Tokyo, there is one unexpected place that is best for when you want to hangout with your friends for a drink. The Shinjuku Terrace is located right above Shinjuku station and right next to the Takashimaya department store and NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building. At night, you can chill with your drink while overlooking the beautiful Tokyo city night view. In the winter, there are Tokyo Christmas illuminations here too.

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4. A Taste of Traditional Japan: Shirakawago Village in Gifu

This peaceful and traditional tourist attraction - also another world heritage location - has been renowned for more than a decade, and I have been there three times on different occasions and seasons. If time allows you to be able to travel to Shirakawago Village during the fall or winter, it will not be difficult for you to take lots of amazing photos.

Photo Credit: Angela Chung

Make sure to check out the 4 spots above that I personally love. I am sure that you will not be disappointed by going to these amazing places!