4 Hilarious YouTube Channels to Start Your New Year Happily

Bad Lip Reading

Perhaps the funniest YouTube channels I have ever come across, Bad Lip Reading creates hilariously dubbed videos of some of your favorite shows and movies. Here is a list of some of my favorite quotes that have come from this ridiculously funny and often nonsensical world of Bad Lip Reading:

Fave line: “My hair wants me to hurt you and I do what it says.”- Steve Harrington (Stranger Things)

Key and Peele (Comedy Central)

If comedy skits are your cup of tea, Key and Peele have got you covered. This comedy duo, composed of Jordan Peele (the mastermind behind Get Out) and Keegan-Michael Key, has an uncanny ability to transform into any and every character imaginable, creating skits that range from relatable to outrageous. With crowd favorites like ‘Obama’s Anger Translator’ and ‘Substitute Teacher’, you’re sure to find a favorite of your own.


If you want to have some of your favorite films totally roasted by an unapologetic film cinephile, this channel’s video series Everything Wrong With… is for you. The Everything Wrong With… series, mainly narrated by the channel’s co-creator, Jeremy Scott, nit-picks every single flaw that can be found in a film. From plot holes to editing flops, Scott mercilessly points out the “sins” that each film commits, regardless of its box-office success. This channel is definitely not recommended to those who are easily offended and are fiercely protective of their favorite films/directors (Michael Bay fans, you have been warned). 

Drunk History (Comedy Central)

This is a bit sad to admit, but I think I’ve learned more about history from this series than I have in any history class I’ve taken up to this point. Drunk History, a Comedy Central show created and hosted by Derek Waters, invites celebrity guests to have a few too many drinks while recounting important events in American history. This element alone is entertaining as hell, but sprinkle in some (impressively well-made) dramatic reenactments featuring actors lip syncing to the drunken narrator’s ramblings, and you’ve got comedy gold. Not convinced? Here is a favorite of mine:

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