3 Songs and 2 Things to Get You in the Fall Mood

It’s officially November, and the weather is gradually looking and feeling more like autumn as the days pass. As a person who enjoys summer as her favorite season amongst the four, there are still some things that you can do in order to ‘get in the fall mood.' You might already be loving the sweater weather, cuddling in your blanket binge-watching YouTube when there’s no class, or going to all the Halloween parties. If you are seeking for some things to do to make you feel more in the autumn season, here are five suggestions that you can do.

Song #1: Mixtape #2 by Stray Kids

As an avid K-pop fan for more than a decade, I definitely have to recommend a soothing ballad from this amazing K-pop male group, Stray Kids. Even though SKZ (abbreviation) has only been in the music industry for 1 year and a half, they self-created all the songs and have released numerous touching hits that motivate you. Mixtape #2 comes from their first special album "Clé 2: Yellow Wood," released around 5 months ago.

Mixtape #2 talks about their difficulties as trainees while not forgetting to look towards the bright side and think positively. The relaxing rhythm of this song definitely makes it a perfect jam for autumn time.

"A light shines on us so we can overcome it all; even if shadows swallow us, we won’t give up.

"Even if it gets farther away, I can’t stop; even dark shadows only exist with light.

Check out Mixtape #2 here.

Song #2: Make It Right ft. Lauv by BTS

I’ll try not to talk about my favorite music group too much, but I just have to recommend this popular R&B ballad by them. Make It Right is a worldwide hit as the talented superstar Ed Sheeran participated in the songwriting process for this song. Lauv’s English lyrics and vocal addition to this beautiful hit give this already-amazing song another colorful shade. This song is created as a dedication from BTS to their hardcore ARMY fandom, which makes this song even more meaningful. In addition, the music video was both cute and moving.

"On the endless and eternal night, you gifted me with morning; now can I hold that hand?

"I was thirsty in the desert without you, so please hold me quick; an ocean without you is like the desert.

Check out Make It Right ft. Lauv here.

Song #3: Memories by Maroon 5

After Girls Like You, Maroon 5 released another globally successful song called Memories. Autumn is the season of reminiscence and nostalgia, so the nostalgic melody and lyrics fit the season perfectly. Even though the song is a sad one, the repeating verse makes the song somewhat addictive and easily memorable.

If you miss someone you love dearly or your BFF lives far away from you, it might not be a bad idea to listen to this hit.

Check out Memories here.

To do #1: Enjoy seasonal dessert

What do you typically associate with autumn in Japan? Autumn desserts are definitely one of them. Autumn desserts have been a huge trend over the years in Japan, and Japan truly boasts some fresh, high-quality autumn seasonal ingredients. Chestnut, persimmon, and sweet potato desserts are commonly served in all the dessert shops. Perhaps you have already tried out the orange cranberry muffins at Starbucks, the caramel apple waffles at Manneken, or seen on television that the entire persimmon fruit can be baked (around 30 minutes) to taste like pudding. I would like to recommend one of my favorite dessert shops called Ringo; they sell amazing apple pies that pile up to around 30,000 per month. 

Ringo just released their seasonal sweet potato apple pie, and I have been wanting to try this seasonal flavor. Their previous seasonal flavor fig apple pie was super delicious, so do give this flavor a try!

Photo courtesy of Ringo Official Website

To do #2: Go maple leaf watching

We all know that Japan is known for beautiful scenic spots scattered across the country, and going maple leaf watching is a must-do for tourists all around the world. As there are so many places you can choose from to go maple leaf watching, there are applications and various websites that tell you the perfect times to visit the major maple leaf watching locations.

If you wish to enjoy maple leaf spots not too far away from Tokyo, Mount Takao (2-hour train ride from Shinjuku) and Nikko (2.5-hour train ride from Tokyo) are two popular locations. I have personally been to Shirakawa-go — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — located in central Japan and Arashiyama, located in Kyoto; these two are definitely beautiful nature destinations that you should check out.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Whether it be enjoying any of the five songs or things that I recommended above, the most important thing is making sure to stay warm in this unpredictable autumn weather!