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10 Qualities All Perfect Fictional Boyfriends Have

If you’re like me and live vicariously through fictional characters in books, movies and TV shows, then you’ll understand what it means to be in too many (fictional) romantic relationships. From mischievous bad boys to shy and sensitive types, the fictional world has something for everyone and for every occasion. So, join me as I explore my list of swoon-inducing qualities possessed by all of my fictional boyfriends and perhaps yours as well.

Fictional boyfriends are…

1. At your beck and call

Rain or shine, night and day, your devoted bf is ready to be by your side at all times. It’s even better when they swoop in at the perfect times without you having to utter a single word.

2. Romantic

As we read/watch our ideal boyfriend shower the heroine with romantic lines and heart-melting confessions of love, it’s hard not to be affected. Whether it takes time to get it out of him or it comes as natural as breathing, the preciousness of some romantic flair cannot be denied.


3. Funny

Humor is a definite plus in any relationship! All fictional boyfriends have that special sense of humor that can melt away your stress and make you crack a smile during even the toughest of times.



The bolder romantic partners often have that natural charm that makes them come off as the playboy type, but at the end of the day, it’s their refreshing charm that initially draws you in.


I think we can all appreciate some sensitivity when it comes to relationships. Aside from knowing exactly when you are feeling down, the best fictional boyfriends know how to open up and show some of their own vulnerability and shyness.


Hand-in-hand with sensitivity, honesty is a solid quality that fictional bfs never fail to posses. He’ll own up to his mistakes and is willing to talk about any disagreements he may have with you.



Much more than just something to look at, your fictional lover probably has the brains as well as the beauty. Does he solve crimes? Save lives? Invent things? The possibilities are absolutely endless…

8. Brave

Now, you may not be fighting for your lives or rebelling against an opressing power, but that doesn’t mean that bravery doesn’t go unnoticed. No matter what, you know that your man will protect your health and honor to his dying breath.



… I think you get the point.


Let’s be honest, your fictional boyfriend probably rocks any outfit he wears, but a decent level of fashion sense is always appreciated.

What qualities are on your list when it comes to your ideal romantic partner? I’m not the only one that indulges in this fantasyland, right? Right?? Anyway, back to reality…

Thanks for reading! :) 

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