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Your Perfect Beach Playlist

Spring Break is only a few days away! This semester seems to have been long and laborious, and a well-deserved break is approaching. I, personally, could not be more thankful. As you pack your bags and head to a special destination, don’t forget to bring an essential item – a killer spring break playlist. Whether lounging by a pool, tanning on a beach, hiking through the mountains or skiing down some snowy slopes, music is always an essential addition to any vacation.

Although it is spring break and some upbeat party music is also crucial, as we begin to recharge for another half of the spring semester, relaxation time is important. Music is a helpful tool to help refresh your mind and body during this week break. A chill beach playlist is a prime example of creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. For those who are headed to the ocean, throw together some Bob Marley and the Beach Boys for some unwinding and undeniably beachy tunes.

While composing your spring break party playlist, remember to create one that is dedicated to rest and relaxation. Spring break is a time for fun but it is also for renewing our tired bodies and minds. Take time to lie in the sun and relax to the sound of waves or good music and allow your body some well-deserved rest.

Want some beach music ideas? Here’s a playlist filled with some of my favorite classic beach tunes.



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