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Yes, She’s My Best Friend. No, We’re Not Dating: The 12 Best Things About Regan Wagner

The time has finally come to write a profile on my BFF. From the funny to the serious, the good times to the bad, there are more than a million amazing things I could say about her. However, I’ve chosen just a few. Without further adieu, here are the 12 best things about Regan Wagner


1. The girl is a shop-a-holic. Missing my favorite sweater? No problem, Regan has like 20 of the same one in every possible color imaginable. She rotates through clothes faster than it takes to wear everything once.


2. Can you say animal lover? She might be more obsessed with dogs than I am… probably not though. 


3. Food. She will always get it with me. From making our own Carving Board spicy noodles when the restaurant runs out to ordering 3am pizza and breadsticks, I can always count on Regan to help me eat three times my weight in food.


4. She keeps me motivated. Whether she’s encouraging me to run that one extra mile at the gym or pressuring me to take that final shot before going out, I’ll always know she’s there cheering me on.


5. She’s a serial chain chewer. Seriously, she’s addicted. Over two packs a day. There’s no one else more reliable when you want a piece of gum. 


6. She might be the only other person in the world who loves spray tans as much as I do. Every Thursday night I can always trust her to apply streak-free, much needed color to my back when I can’t reach it.


7. I can’t dress myself without her. I mean, really. It’s embarrassing, but 12 years of private schools and uniforms made me less of a fashionista and more of a bumming-it-every-day kinda girl.


8.  She can get me to all my favorite places in Winston-Salem without Siri’s help. How long have we lived here? Because I still don’t know how to find my way to Target on University or Hanes Mall without her help.


9. She taught me to pump gas, and patiently re-teaches me every time I have to fill up my tank… Enough said.


10. She’s the easiest person in the world to get along with. We can spend 24 hours a day together, seven days a week, and never get annoyed. Not one fight. Ever.


11. There’s no one I can count on more to go on adventures and make memories with every Friday night. From dancing on countless frat basement stages to getting lost at Millennium and stealing some random freshman’s food and clothes, she keeps every moment new, hilarious, and interesting.


12. She’s the best roommate in the world. She deals with my freakish cleaning every Sunday, stays up late to pillow talk with me every night, gives the best advice in the world when my life is in shambles, Pit-sits with me every day of the week, and always keeps me laughing. There’s never a dull moment in Martin. I love her to death and wouldn’t trade living with her for the world… Even when she pushes me out of her bed because she hates cuddling.


So, cheers to you Regan, and here’s to the endless nights of laughter, tears, delirium, and fun. To the boys you run away from, all the coffee you consume, the nights you keep me awake with your insomnia, and the ones when you’re narcoleptic. To the Pit dates, the study dates, and my Valentine’s Day dinner dates you crash. To still liking me when I’m at my worst and to laughing at my terrible jokes when I think I’m at my best. Thanks for all the memories we’ve created and to all the ones yet to come.

*Photo courtesy of Dean Shore

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