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Work Forest Finals Week: Studying, Starbucks-ing and… Sleeping?

Confession: I haven’t studied in the ZSR this entire semester.  Typical reaction: “Whatttt?! No, really, Katherine, you must have.”  But honestly, I haven’t. Unless Starbucks counts – does it count? – in which case I prefer up the stairs in the back corner on that u-shaped couch.

In my trips to Starbucks, I’ve witnessed some funny phenomena. One of my favorites was Mr. Powernap. Now, he was inspiring. From the looks of it, he had two caffeinated beverages down andstill managed to fall asleep. It’s made me wonder if that switch from REM (rapid eye movement) to NREM (non-rapid eye movement) that they taught us about in HES 100, really refers to sleep. I’d suggest it refers to studying: rapid eye movement across pages or computer screens, and non-rapid eye movement when we just can’t soak in any more Art History slides and want – need – a little shut-eye.

Receiving my chai tea latte at the end of the counter can get pretty interesting sometimes. My name is misspelled more often than not, but I don’t blame anyone for that since Katherine can be spelled several ways. But “Katherina?” (Ironically, I’m pretty sure I even spelled that one out). I’ve yet to muster up the courage to give a false name, just to hear something like, “White chocolate mocha for Harriet!”
With happenings like these, who needs the red room, the atrium, or the 6floor stacks?  I will admit that my absence at the library does not reflect a lack of appreciation and understanding for the 8-floored building. (9-floored? Does the basement count? Somebody? Anybody?… Bueller?)
Have any interesting library experiences of your own? Send pictures or stories to [email protected].

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