Why I Wear Lingerie Everyday!

At the start of my freshman year, I was newly single and not exactly ready to mingle. I had just gotten out of a 10 month relationship and, to be frank, was feeling unconfident and scared of taking on the world alone. I tried my hardest to be the picture perfect single girl in my head. I went to coffee shops wearing my glasses, read poetry and feminism novels, and almost bought a shirt that said “single and proud”. Spoiler, none of this made me more confident in my individuality. Instead, I ended up spending an obscene amount of money on coffee and read a bunch of self help books that I never took to heart. But, this all changed on a seemingly inconspicuous monday morning. I leaped out of bed and started to get dressed. But, this time, instead of wearing my five pack of seamless target underwear, I decided to put on a matching bright red lingerie set. I looked in the mirror and began to smile. For the first time in weeks, I felt confident in my ability to take on the world. I went to class with a little more spring in my step and a determination to make this day better than the last. After 4 classes, a test, and studying for 7 hours, I finally returned to my dorm. To my suprise, the initial effect of the lingerie had not worn off. So, I decided to never put another scratchy cotton grandma underwear again. I built up my collection and now putting on nice underwear is second nature. Contrary to popular belief, lingerie does not have to be expensive, complex, or uncomfortable. I do have a $75 Victoria's Secret bra, but I barely wear it. My favorite bralettes and underwear actual come from Target and are less than $15. They do not include garter belts, stockings, complicated clip systems, or an abundance of straps and strings that would take you hours to figure out. Lingerie can be as simple as a pair of underwear with a little bit of lace on the trim. When I share my somewhat weird practice with people, without fail, the first thing they say is “why?”. Here is my answer:

1. Lingerie is NOT exclusively for your significant other.

Correct me if  I’m wrong, when you put on lingerie you feel good. You wouldn’t buy it otherwise. A lot of girls will look in the mirror and say “dam, I look amazing”. However, I think the fault comes when they say immediately afterwards, “my significant other will love this”. Although this may be true, lingerie is also for yourself. It gives you that extra boost of confidence in the bedroom and in the outside world. So, instead of saying “my significant other will love this” say “I love myself in this”. The significant other part is just a side effect.

2. You have a little secret.

You could be wearing a hoodie, crocs, and a ratty old pair of sweatpants and everyone probably thinks you are wearing $2 that your mom gave you for christmas last year. WRONG. You are wearing lingerie. Having this little secret is so much fun. Especially, when you tell your friends and you see their faces go into a state of shock. 

3. It’s not just about being sexy.

Sexiness is only one of the side effects of wearing lingerie. It makes you feel powerful, confident, cute, mischievous, sassy, empowered, etc. etc. Don’t underestimate the power of the right pair of underwear.

Overall, I have suggested this practice to every one of my friends and here I am suggesting it to you. I am passionate about this for a reason and I urge you to try it once and see how you feel. This practice is not for everyone, some people don’t feel confident in lingerie. In that case, I encourage you to find a piece of clothing that makes you feel confident and make the most of it.