Where will Summer Take You

Summer is basically upon us!  I only have 9 more days until I head home so we can make it everyone!! I thought since summer is the time of travel and having adventures I thought I’d share some of my favorite places I’ve visited and some things to do there in hopes that someone would find this helpful if they go there this summer.


  1. London

So I’m actually studying abroad here this summer but I’ve been there 3 times before and it is probably one of my favorite places on the planet so let me share some iconic places you have to visit while you are there and places I will probably go to again.  


9¾ at King’s Cross Station

If you are a fan of Harry Potter this is an easy spot to make all your Hogwarts dreams come true.  When I first visited there as a 9 year old in fashionable green leggings there was no store or any fanfare around the spot but now there is a store and probably a longer line but definitely still worth it.  


The Eye Ferris Wheel

While an expensive thing to do it is definitely worth it just for the impeccable view you will get.  It doesn’t feel like you are moving at all because it is about a half hour to get to the top and another half hour down so it is not scary at all.  Definitely worth it for the instagram pics too I will insert my pic on the top with my “eye”conic caption.


2.  New York City

I actually lived here for a month when I did a summer program here after my junior year of high school so I consider myself a New Yorker (not really but I wish).  


The Strand

If you are a reader you have to go to the iconic bookstore that is home to 18 miles of books and is almost 90 years old.  It is an amazing experience and I loved just wandering the shelves.


The High Line

A park that is made from an abandoned set of train tracks.  While that doesn’t sound like the location of beauty, trust me it is.  The plants and walkway fit together perfectly as well as the view of the city around it is just astounding. I loved every second I was here and I think it is a NYC must see.  


See a Broadway Show

I know super expensive but if you go to Times Square they have a place where you can wait for discount tickets or you can try going directly to the box office of the show and see if there are day of tickets.  Seeing a Broadway musical is an experience like none other in the entire world so if you have the time and can see if there are cheap tickets you will not be disappointed with anything that you see. And while you are there you might as well visit the Richard Rodgers Theatre and see the Hamilton theater and shop across the street because I go visit it every time I am in NYC even if I don’t have tickets.  


3.  Arizona/Utah

If you are headed to the desert this summer let me tell you I have been a lot of places but there is nothing more beautiful than the national parks in these states.  


Lake Powell in Page, AZ

My family goes houseboating here every summer and the view will take away your breath, literally I guarantee, it takes away my breath every year and I’ve been looking at this view for the past 20 years.  If you have seen instagram packs of Horseshoe bend and Antelope Canyon the lake is less than a 10 minute drive from there so if you are planning on doing any of those hikes this summer definitely stop and give the lake a look.  



Grand Canyon

I know not a surprise I’m sure you’ve heard of this a lot but I’m here to tell you that it is NOT  overrated it is just as beautiful as everyone has probably told you. Another location that will definitely take your breath away.  Also think of the instagrams.


St. George, Utah

Tuacahn Center for the Arts

If you find yourself passing through this city, number 1 stop at Nielsen's Frozen Custard because it is the best dessert in the world and second get tickets to see a show here.  The theater is made entirely from red rocks and the backdrop is absolutely incredible and unlike anything else.


4.  Nashville

I just moved here so I am probably not the expert on everything you could do but I will give it a shot.


Taylor Swift Tour

This isn’t a real thing but I myself this summer will be giving my own tour of the historical spots of Taylor’s life in Nashville.  First you can go to the Gulch and see her new butterfly mural, the instagram shots will be worth it, The Bluebird Cafe where she was discovered, and her high school Hendersonville High School. Perfect for any Swiftie.


12 South

A street full of places to eat and shop and of course home to the iconic “I Believe in Nashville” mural which is perfect for any instagram pic.  This street is also home to Reese Witherspoon’s own store.


Country Music Hall of Fame

I have actually not been here but I know that it is home to the history of amazing country music artists.  It does also house the Taylor Swift Education Center where it houses more modern examples of country music artists as well as inspires the next generation of country artists.


5.  Los Angeles

Of course.  My home. I lived in the suburbs of LA for the past 20 years so I would definitely call me an expert in some pretty fun things to do while here so strap in.  


The Pink Wall/Melrose

I’m sure you have seen the instagram pictures and I would promise that it is a pretty awesome background.  I’m sure you have heard of Melrose it is the street that houses a lot of stores and coffee shops, if you watch Emma Chamberlain, she comes here frequently for coffee at Alfred’s on Melrose.  Another amazing coffee place on Melrose is directly across from the Pink Wall called Carrera Cafe and they are super cool because if you download an app you can print anything you want into the foam which is perfect for the instagram pics too.  


The Last Bookstore

Again if you are a reader you will really appreciate this amazing location.  It was once a giant bank so a lot of the rooms are super unique as well as there are a lot of special places in the bookcases that are perfect for the iconic shot.


Any beach really but my favorites are Newport or Huntington but the Santa Monica is really for the ideal Southern California experience.  


Hollywood Walk of Fame

Of course you have got to go see the iconic stars on the sidewalk and put your handprints in the stars at Grauman’s Chinese Theater (P.S. the Avengers were just added so that’s cool).


And the last and definitely MOST important stop for your perfect Southern California trip is, In N Out.  

The best burger in the world and you can’t prove me wrong.  Worth all the hype. Make sure to try some animal fries too.  Best place in the world I rest my case.


Wherever your summer takes you, I hope that you have many adventures and take the instagram pictures to prove it!  Have a great summer everyone!!