When Is It Too Late to Hop on a Trend?

One can never be too late to the game. This past week, I bit the bullet and started episode one of Game of Thrones. Outside influences can shape people’s opinions, but I was unscathed by the GOT clout: the endless amount of costumes, celebrity Instagram posts, and party themes. My friends planned watching parties each Sunday night and scheduled their weekend around the airing of each episode. I never had a strong desire to start the series and didn’t feel like I was missing out. 

I found myself in bed early in the night wanting to start a new series. My suitemate suggested Game of Thrones and I immediately turned the idea down. I had a stigma against the series due to the constant discussion and hype, almost like a song overplayed on the radio. After scrolling through Netflix for ten minutes and having no success, I decided to start GOT on HBO. I hate to admit it, but I was immediately hooked. I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, I love Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson series. I look forward to the nights when I don’t have work and watch the drama unfold between the noble families. 

Never think that you’re too late to a trend. It’s more relaxing to enjoy the trend in your own way and talk to others about it on your own schedule. If you’re thinking about watching an old TV series, buying a pair of old-fashioned jeans, or anything of that nature, bite the bullet and see if you like it.