What ARE We Thinking?

We look back at our parents’ wild ‘80s hair, or their ‘70s sweaters, and ‘90s jeans and may cringe a little, but are we being hypocrites? Is everything we wear perfect? Look at about five years ago when we trolled around in Delia’s crop tops or Abercrombie graphic tees. What are we wearing today that might be questionable later? (Disclaimer: I am guilty of every. single. one. of. these.)

The Calvin Klein Craze:

I think the underwear and sports bra pair is classic and comfortable, but perhaps we’ve been getting a little too carried away with the t shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and more that are plastered with “CALVIN KLEIN.” This is still the same marketing genius/ scheme that came from Abercrombie, Aeropostale and any other brand that recognizes that customers need company names to feel valid.

BIG Earrings:

I read a tweet once that said that the big disc earrings by Kendra Scott make girls look like Emperor Kuzco from the Emperor’s New Groove. If you’ve been to a prom, graduation, wedding, big dinner, or sorority rush, you’ve seen a girl with some sort of tassel or beaded hoop hanging from their ears. There is nothing inherently wrong with them, we just may look back and think, Could I have been more subtle?

Dramatic Jeans:

I remember when skinny jeans first hit the scene, my ten year old self thought “How am I going to strive to wear these everyday?” Now, there is a reverse revolution of eccentric flare jeans, denim ripped to the last seem, and patches galore. I love that people are getting creative and finding their own unique pairs, but something about the iron-on images and flare remind me of what I wore in elementary school.

The Thick Sneaker:

This category is broad enough to include the platform Supergas, the “dad” sneakers that resemble New Balance but can be purchased from Fila or Urban Outfitters, and any other gym shoe that makes you use the word “clunky” first to describe them. There a marvelous invention for providing height and comfort, but I think in ten years or so, we’ll be asking ourselves whose father we borrowed our footwear from.

The Funky Hat:

I don’t know when or where the “Chimney Sweep” hat got into style, but I can’t decide if I love it or if I hate it. Something about it makes me feel like a golfer from the 1950s and I KNOW we’ll look back and think that these were not the greatest fashion choice. They are an in between for people who like baseball caps, but don’t want to seem like everybody else. Maybe this wasn’t the best happy medium.

Picture sources: Forever21.com