Ways to Deal with a Class You Despise

Maybe you find the subject dreadfully boring or incredibly difficult. Maybe the professor’s way of teaching does not connect to you. Maybe the tests are way harder than the information taught in class. Whatever the reason may be, most students end up having to take at least one class that they don’t particularly enjoy during their four years of college.

Although dropping the class and finding another one that you actually do enjoy can be a great option, sometimes that is not possible. You might need the class as a prerequisite for your major or as a divisional requirement to graduate.

Last semester, I decided to take an intro class in a subject that I had never taken before, and soon found it to be extremely challenging. Although the professor was great, I just hated the subject and dreaded sitting in the classroom, doing the homework, and most of all, taking the exams. During that semester, I learned a lot about how to deal with being in a class that you really dislike. Here are my tips for making the most of out the class and not letting it ruin your semester.

Try to make the most out of it

Okay, the class isn’t your favorite and there’s probably nothing that could make you change your mind. Accept this, and choose to make the most out of it rather than complaining or becoming annoyed and stressed. Even if it sounds cheesy, realize that it is still a privilege to be taking a college class and try to have a positive and upbeat attitude toward it, even if it takes some effort

Find help if you need it.

The main reason that people don’t enjoy a certain class is understandably because they find the subject really difficult and receive low grades. Last semester, when I realized that a class was too challenging for me to tackle by myself, I started going to my professor’s office hours, seeing the TA, and scheduling appointments with tutors. There are so many resources, especially at Wake Forest, that can help you with homework and studying with subjects that are not easy for you.

Try to find at least ONE thing you like about it.

Maybe you like the fact that the professor is interesting, that the class has challenged your way of thinking, or there are never quizzes. Or maybe you like something even more trivial about the class, such as the fact that your friend is in it or that it is in a building close to the dining hall. Whatever the reason is, find something positive to associate the class with.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, but still put in effort.

Remind yourself that it is only one class, and that it is not necessary for you to get an A. Sometimes, realizing that the class is not one of your strengths and that you will never major in it can help lessen the stress you associate with it. Don’t aim for perfection or beat yourself up about getting a lower grade, but do try your best by putting in effort, seeking help, and turning in assignments on time.

Remind yourself that you only have to take this class for one semester.

Although one semester can feel like a long time if you aren’t enjoying it, it really is only a few months. You only have to take this class for a little bit of time, so focus on the classes you do like, the positive factors of the one you don’t, and don’t let it mess with the opportunity of having a great experience at your school.


Doing things that aren’t fun or easy is a part of life. If you have a class that is making you stressed or that you aren’t at all interested in, try to put in a decent amount of effort and have a positive attitude.