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Wake Forest’s New ‘Real-Life College Guy’ Answers Your Questions!

It’s time to answer the age-old question: what are guys really thinking? Meet Sam, our very own Real Life College Guy, who’s ready and willing to answer all of your burning questions about all things guys!
Who He Is

Name: Sam Best
Hometown: Goldsboro, NC
Year: Class of 2015 (Freshie!)
Major: English with a minor in secondary education (he wants to be an English teacher!)
Relationship Status: Single

Sam will be your go-to guru for all things guy-related: are guys looking for a relationship or only a hookup? Does he really prefer a girl who goes au natural (aka sans makeup)? Where’s the best place to meet guys (who actually want to meet girls) in Winston?
Send your questions to [email protected], and be sure to check out Sam’s answers each week!

*Photography by Elise Wallace

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