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Wake 101: How to Have a Hoppin’ Spring Break at Home

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

Did your Daytona plans fall through? Are you saving money for your fall trip abroad, perhaps? No problem! Here are some fun ways to make the most out of your week back home this Spring Break.


1. #DayTripBestTrip

*Image from Georgia Aquarium

There is nothing like a 24-hour getaway to the zoo or the aquarium back in your hometown. Bring out that little kid enthusiasm in you with your home best friends and have a blast taking cute pictures with the animals for Instagram! If animals aren’t your thing, you could even make the most of a day by taking a jaunt to a monument or museum in your area. Think Ferris Bueller when he played hooky from school and casually performed in a parade in the middle of the street. Don’t be bummed about not being on the beach, take his advice: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it.” 


2. Laughter, Loot, and Little Kids

While this may not have been your dream Spring Break activity, spending time with the little kids in your neighborhood, like stopping by to take them out for ice cream or a movie will make their day and add some cash to your wallet! After hanging out with only college kids for the past few months, it may also bring your mind some peace. Forget about those group projects and class papers and get into the latest elementary school gossip – there’s no doubt it’ll be entertaining.


3. Shine in a Spring Photo Shoot

No beach photos to come out of this March 8-17 week? No worries! Grab a camera, a cute spring outfit, and your best friend or sister and have a super fun photo shoot outside at your favorite hometown spot. Your sister or bestie will love spending quality time with you and you will each walk away with fabulous new profile pic options! Capture some memories laughing in the sun or snow, wherever home may be for you.


4. Couch Potato Positives

Definitely take the time to rejuvenate watching your favorite cartoons and catching up on your favorite shows! You could also spend time on the couch wrapping up with a book in your hand instead. With a week away from textbooks and course packs, why not pick up that fun read you have been dying to delve into? For example, this Spring Break is the perfect time to read the popular novel, Divergent, by Veronica Roth, especially considering the movie hits theaters March 21. Here is your chance to be that girl that can say, “that didn’t happen in the book!”


Whatever your spring break plans may be, remember to have fun, breathe, relax, and welcome the new season with a smile. Before you know it, you will be back here in the Forest ready to rock the rest of spring semester and go out with a bang. 

Go Deacs! :)
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Cassie Brown

Wake Forest

Editorial Campus Correspondent. Former Section Editor for Campus Cutie. Writer for Her Campus Wake Forest. English major with a double minor in Journalism and Communication. Expected graduation in May 2014.