This Viral Post has an Allegorical Meaning

Sharing your bed with someone is an act of intimacy, and in most cases, we share it with those we trust. With that said, those we believe are not always as trustworthy as they seem.

A few years ago, a story went viral on Facebook. The story went as follows:

A young woman once had a beloved pet snake. Each night the snake would snuggle up alongside the woman. I squirm at the idea of sleeping with a snake but to each their own. One day the snake stopped eating, and so the woman feared the snake had fallen ill. She sought professional help from the vet.The vet listened to the women's concerns, but his diagnosis was far from what she expected. He explained that her beloved snake was preparing to eat her! The beast had been stretching itself alongside her as she slept because it was sizing her up. And it had stopped eating because it was now making room for a big meal.

I can only hope she was able to see through the façade and get rid of this snake. There is a moral embedded in this story about the snake: looks can be deceiving.