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Valentine’s Day: What to Do No Matter Your Relationship Status

Valentine’s Day is that lovely annual reminder of our current relationship status. It gives those of us in relationships full reign to make out in broad day light and those of us not in relationships, well… permission to be depressed.  When did Valentine’s Day stop being about just showing a little extra love to friends? When (and why?!) did we stop passing out V-Day notes to each other and start confining our love to significant others?

Valentine’s Day used to be about spreading the love to everyone… and scarfing down an inordinate amount of heart-shaped candy. But now it is all about flaunting your relationship status, instagramming pictures of the bouquet of flowers that your sweetie surprised you with, and buying out the Victoria Secret special V-Day Shop. 

No one ever felt left out in grade school when you had to bring in a valentine for every kid in your class, but, nowadays, you are lucky if you get even one valentine or heart-shaped lollipop. And you can just forget about a love note from a secret admirer. Wake may be known for its fine gentlemen, don’t get your hopes up too high that one of them will suddenly fall to his knees and express his undying love for you.  If that sounds as cheesy in real life as it does reading it, then you know you are asking for too much, ladies.


Take a minute to re-evaluate your expectations for Valentine’s Day this year. 

If you are single, don’t sulk! Gather up your other single gals and have a chick-flick movie marathon and order in Brynn’s or, better yet, get dressed up and head downtown with your friends for dinner and then a little post-din celebration (It’s half-price wine night at the Filling Station on Thursdays ;)).  Enjoy the evening, because almost no boyfriend of your paired-up friends is going to want to do any of that (aside from the post celebration bit;)).  If you are in a relationship, there is no need to be obnoxious about it. Have fun with your special someone and don’t give in to all the holiday pressure of making this your most romantic evening yet.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are single or taken, instead of focusing on yourself, focus on others by sporting some pink and red and spreading a little extra love. This is not to say blow off your plans with your sweetie to indulge in a little anti-Valentine’s Day partying or to begrudge your friends who are taken, but let your friends, family, and whoever know that they are important to you on this day, and then later indulge in all of your Valentine’s Day festivities.


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