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“Treasure Your Chest” With Breast Cancer Fashion Show Chair Gabby Sanchez (’20)

“Being able to be part of the event and see how many people are willing to work with us and donate is not something only to be admired, but also to be thankful for.” –Gabby Sanchez, ‘20

If you have not heard about the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show, this is a perfect time to know more about it and to get involved in the upcoming two weeks.

Mark your calendar! The show is happening in Benson 401 at 6pm on October 23. A week before that from October 16 through October 20, the team will be selling tickets and T-shirts outside the pit.

Gabby Sanchez is a sophomore at Wake who is on the Public Relations committee, and she works toward getting more people informed about and involved in this cool event. As of right now, Gabby is considering a Communication major with an Entrepreneurship minor. She is very much involved on campus, such as Project Pumpkin, Campus Kitchen, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and WFU Style.

When talking about herself and the community, she says, “We are fortunate to be on such a great campus, so it’s important to me to try to make a difference in the world, even if it’s small.” She felt great to do small things where she could see a difference, even if it’s something like being an escort in Project Pumpkin. “It’s about giving back to different communities, including the Wake community.”

These days, Gabby has been working on the Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show where sororities organize the fashion show on campus and donate all the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Gabby explains that the way it works is that, “We fundraise through selling T-shirts, tickets, etc. We also find sponsors for the show itself; for example, Brynn’s Frozen Yogurt will come to deliver their yogurts, and they will donate the proceeds to us.” For the fashion show, each sorority will vote for a senior to walk on the show, and one possible exciting change this year is that the team is trying to announce to all fraternities to possibly get one guy from each fraternity to walk in the show as well. “We haven’t put that together yet, but we think that would be a fun new thing to do,” says Gabby. On top of that, the theme this year is “Treasure Your Chest,” so it is going to be all underwater with figures like mermaids.

Even though the event is done by the Panhellenic team, Gabby wants to make sure that people know it is open to anyone. “I know last year as a freshman I was confused by how it’s presented, because I thought only sorority members could go to it, but it’s open to anyone,” Gabby explains, “We’re trying to get freshmen involved by making our cover photos related to it, and Brynn’s is going to come to the quad area. Most importantly we’re going to be selling T-shirts and tickets outside the pit from October 16-20.”

To conclude, as Gabby puts it, “We want to make donating fun!” By buying tickets or T-shirts, going to the fashion show, and enjoying this fun event, you will also be making your effort to donate for breast cancer.


Photos courtest of: Gabby Sanchez

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