Top Insta Accounts for Fashion, Food, Fitness & Travel

It is beyond likely that every single collegiette reading this post has an Instagram account. You follow your family, your friends, celebrities, etc. The app has come to be more than just the average daily post detailing a person’s life. Rather, there's more and more of a focus upon fashion, fitness, travel, food… really anything.

Whether you are into fashion, have wanderlust, or simply need some daily inspiration, here are some suggestions for the top pages for collegiettes to follow and explore!

For the Travel Lovers…

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Kirsten Alana always has a passion for travel. Not only does she shoot great photos of every place she visits, but she also has a blog which describes the places presented in her posts. She has been featured everywhere, from The Huffington Post to Marie Claire.  


The account has a variety of photos submitted by hundreds of travelers and photographers. Anyone can submit a photo to the account by either tagging their own Instagram post with #passionpassport or sending it to their email.


Kate lives an awesome life. She basically gets paid to take pictures and travel. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Feel free to browse and gawk with jealousy.

For the Fashionistas…


Chloe is a fashion line based in Paris. The brand presents boho-chic clothing with a feminine flair. Their photos portray excellent photo shoots in amazing locales.

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Aimee Song has mastered the #ootd. With almost two million followers, she lives her life for the camera and posts her outfits daily. Her account holds fashion inspiration for people of all styles. She also gives the details of all her outfits on her corresponding blog.


College Fashion is perhaps the most relatable account for collegiates. The account has a collection of photos which offer a look into the world of college fashion. Run by college students, this style account hits the spot.

For the Fitness Freaks…

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Rachel Brathen expresses her love of yoga through her Instagram account. And, of course, she often poses on the beach. Her account will convince followers that they too should take up yoga.


Karena and Katrina have a Youtube channel, a website, and now a Bravo reality show that promotes their love for fitness and their wish to get others to adopt an active lifestyle. Their Instagram account presents workouts, transformations, and other motivating pictures for followers to get involved.

For the Foodies...

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These aren’t your grandma’s food carts. The Behind Food Carts account collects photos of the best street food around the country. Ultimate #foodporn.


Bon Appetit is one of the most popular food magazines in the country. Their Instagram presents sneak peeks of the food they write about for the publication.

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