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Top 5 Ways to Stay Safe on Spring Break

Spring break is so close we can smell the salt water of the beach… or maybe that’s the salt on the ground from our recent snow day. In any event, we’re excited! Today we have our top five tips for staying safe on your spring break trip.

*Photo from sororitystylista.com.

1.     Watch Your Drink – Same rules apply as if you were still on campus! Just because you’re at the beach and not in a dark fraternity lounge does not mean you should let go of common sense. This classic advice can save you from a lot of trouble. 

2.     Keep your ID on you – You never know what could happen so play it safe!  

3.     Be aware of your surroundings – Just like a kindergarten field trip, don’t wander too far away from the group. There will be tons of people on the beach and getting separated from your friends is a nightmare. Save the stress!

*Photo from bestbreaktours.com.

4.     Don’t get too friendly with strangers (because there will be a lot of them) – Whether you are in the states or abroad, be mindful of your new spring break friends. It’s fun meeting new people but stay alert. Can you really trust that person you just met 24 hours ago?

5.     Lock up your stuff when out of the hotel room – Things get stolen. Make use of that little security box in your hotel room!

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