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The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Studying Abroad

Wake Forest University’s Center for Global Programs and Studies (just a fancy name for Wake’s study abroad office in Reynolda 116) is a great resource for students looking to take advantage of Wake’s fabulous study abroad program.  Studying abroad is more than just a fun getaway, but it is a life-changing experience that forces communities to come together and celebrate their similarities and differences.  It is an opportunity to challenge yourself in order to discover new places and unveil hidden interests.  Here are some reasons why going abroad is totally worth it:


1. Leave your comfort zone

Going abroad acts as the perfect opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone as you try to adapt to a completely new place and seek out new adventures. While abroad, you face challenges that push you beyond your limits.  It is often terrifying to open yourself up to something totally unknown, but eventually you will surprise yourself by how much you can accomplish by taking risks.  


2. Learn beyond the classroom

We learn about the Roman ruins and various other historical landmarks outside the United States, but it is nearly impossible to actually understand the meaning of each place until you see it for yourself.  Traveling allows you to learn about history in a way that supersedes our usual concept of time. In these discoveries, you are able to relate yourself to societies formed hundreds of years ago.  Plus, the sightseeing tends to be surreal, and that is only one added bonus.  Your perspective will expand to a global view that will benefit you in the long run.


3. “Amigas Cheetahs, friends for life”

Forcing yourself to be open to a new culture allows you to form strong friendships and experience adventures with new people. You will see that the world is a pretty small place and learn to appreciate those different from yourself. Traveling forms naturally strong bonds with the people who accompany you along the way.  


4. A not-so-expensive opportunity

There are so many great programs that offer scholarships or deals to get your credits abroad and lighten your load financially. Also, once abroad, it becomes quite easy to travel! Booking flights, hotels, tours, etc. is super easy on sites like: airbnb.com, kayak.com, ryanair.com, vueling.com, and many more. Each site allows you to browse through cheap itineraries, and there is an option for nearly any place you would want to visit.  


5. Live like a local

Living abroad will provide you the chance to discover a country completely different from your own. You will adapt to new cultural norms and a simpler way of life and eventually call a new place home! However, no matter where you go, you will have amazing experiences by finding a true home within yourself and wherever you visit.


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