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Top 5 Fall Colors for Clothing and Makeup


Hope y’all had a good fall break and are perfectly regenerated for the rest of the semester. Although the temperature in Winston Salem is still going up and down and the air conditioner in my room just keeps blowing out cold air, it is officially fall in the Forest! While you are enjoying your Halloween candies and pumpkin spice latte, don’t forget to change your outfits and make ups from the light-hearted summer colors to the mildly warm fall colors. Here I’m listing five of my favorite fall colors and hope they can be a good inspiration for you to pick some of yours fall pieces!

Note: My skin tone is light with some cool undertone and some products (especially lips and nails) I talk about in this blog may not look as good on other skin tones as they are on mine. I’m deeply sorry if you find them not suitable for your skin color :’( , but y’all are always welcome to comment below and share any of your beloved color or product for fall.

1. Dusty Rose (not Adam and Behati’s daughter)

These soft and dusty shades of pink are my most beloved lip and nail colors for all time. I generally like colors with a misty shade for the tenderness and a sense of maturity, and dusty rose is definitely my favorite among them all. In summer I wear brighter pink/reddish shades and when it comes to fall I switch to the darker and more brownish ones.


Essie nail polish “Angora Cardi”

Essie has this beautiful brownish deep dusty rose shade that fits perfectly with all your stylish sweaters, giving you a calm and cozy feeling in the early fall. I love it so much that I wore it the entire fall/winter last year and got several compliments on it.

By the way, a fun fact: Angora Cardi is the number one most pinned shade on Pinterest.

2. Burgundy

This dark purplish red is the color of wine, or more specifically, a cup of warm mulled wine. You can wear burgundy universally: jeans, sweaters, cardigans, nails, lips and even hair. Burgundy is probably too serious and heavy for summer, but it is the classic and elegant choice when the weather gets colder.

Essie nail polish “Carry On”:

“Carry On” is a dark and very rich burgundy shade. It is the simple yet stunning and timeless choice for fall and fits any occasion. I had “Shearling Darling” a couple of years ago and it was a beautiful burgundy with a red undertone, but I haven’t seen it in store for a while so I don’t know if Essie still carries it anymore. There is another burgundy from Essie’s Fall 2017 collection, “Knee-High Life”. It is a deep wine red but probably more pink/purple than usual burgundies.

Burgundy sweaters and cardigans:

Burgundy may be somehow too serious and can make you look ten years older if you are not wearing it right. I like it on my sweaters and cardigans since the fluffy texture can ease the stiffness and make the outfits cozy and cute. You don’t need a lot to pair with them, just very basic pieces like black jeans with white or black tank top (if a wearing cardigan), and you’re ready to go with this careless chic outlook.

PS: Cardigans are my must-haves living in North Carolina because they are easy to put on and take off when the temperature jumps like crazy during the day.

3. Pumpkin/Maple/Cinnamon

One thing to summarize a typical American fall: pumpkin spice! While every brand starts to come up with some pumpkin flavored products, the earthy and woody blends of brown and orange are also good choices for your wardrobe. I had a hard time trying to define this series of color with a single name, so I decided to shoot for three altogether, the pumpkin orange, the maple mahogany and the cinnamon brown.

L’Oréal Colour Riche Lipcolour 839 “Cinnamon Toast”:

Like its delicious name, this lipstick is a beautiful rich brownish red that reminds you of the heart-warming smell of cinnamon or the slightly dried maple leaves. I’m more of a pink/red person so I don’t usually like orangey colors, but this one has my heart. It is creamy with a satin finish and goes perfectly with brown smoky eyes.

H&M nail polish “Olive Twist” & “Cream Saffron”:

H&M launched its nail polish line in late 2015, and I LOVE almost every single one of them. “Olive Twist” is a kind of muddy green shade and “Cream Saffron” is a brownish yellow (somewhat the same color of Dijon mustard). Many from the H&M collection have the earthy brown undertone that are excellent for fall, but they are also quite bright and lively for spring.

4. Khaki

I’m not talking about those guys’ pants; I mean some classy trench coats. I was in London by the early winter couple years ago, and I remember seeing office ladies dressed in khaki trench coats walking down the streets. By that time, I was so convinced that this is the perfect example for urban elegance that would never go out of style.


Who doesn’t love sweaters in these shades? These sweaters make you want to wake up on a chilling fall morning and put them on just to be embraced in the coziness.

Trench Coats:

Burberry is no doubt the most iconic brand for trench coats, but since they are on trend you can find more affordable options elsewhere. I got one for my mom this summer from a small vintage shop in Tokyo, and it was less than $100. Trench coats come in different shades (lighter and darker khaki and sometimes gray and navy), length and shape, so you can always find one that suits your style and taste. Anything basic looks good with trench coats: a simple bodycon dress or white shirt and black jeans.

5. Navy

This dark shade of blue is the only cold color on this list. As other colors make you feel warm and cozy, this solid and stable color goes along with the cool autumn day breeze. Navy is my fall version of black, very neutral and match-all but not as heavy and formal.

Essie “After School Boy Blazer”

To me it has more of a leather jacket kind of feeling than a blazer. This fierce dark blue shade can go with anything from an elegant prom dress to a cool rock N roll chick outfit. Sometimes it looks almost black, but when there is enough light it glows gorgeously. OPI has another highly praised navy color “Russian Navy”, which is a navy blue with a shimmer finish. I feel glitters are a little too extra for me so I prefer the simpler Essie, but if shimmer is your thing, that one is also worth trying out.


Like how light blue denim is for summer, navy-colored pants are made for fall. They can be both formal, with blouses and blazers, and casual, with white or beige sweaters. This pair of nautical pants with the flared design and buttons on the pockets are definitely for anyone who loves vintage. With some red lips, you are ready to rock this season.

Heading Photo: https://www.pantone.com/images/fcr/fall2017/pantone-color-swatches-palette-fashion-color-report-fall-2017-new-york.jpg

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