Tips to Take Your Skin to the Next Level

Massaging your face wash into your skin helps to bring oxygen to that area. More blood flow increases collagen production which brings your complexion a serious glow! Massage in upward motions and avoid pulling your skin as this causes premature wrinkles.

Drink more water! We all hear this and know we need to drink more water but we hardly every change our habits! Drinking more water keeps your skin dense and elastic, shrinks your pores, creates more blood circulation, and flushed out those nasty toxins (from last night)!

Never wear your makeup to bed. Ever. Regardless of your state when you arrive back home, take a few minutes to show your skin some love!

Next time you are shopping for a foundation, look for a non-comedogenic (formulated to not block pores) alternative! Even wearing these products can help treat acne and blemish prone skin!

Wear SUNSCREEN. This is probably the least interesting product, but sun exposure is estimated to cause 90% of premature aging! And the majority of your skin exposure is through the windows of your room, classroom, car. Do your 40-year-old self a favor and wear the SPF!

Invest in a facial when you are home on holidays! This does not need to be a bank breaking, luxurious experience. Instead, go see an esthetician who can PROPERLY extract blemishes. Picking at your skin or incorrectly extracting blemishes can be detrimental to your skin and can cause serious scarring. No one wants that so do yourself a favor and let a professional help you out.

Sleep! When you are sleep deprived, your body naturally produces more cortisol — a stress hormone — which causes major skin inflammation and irritation. Sleep is your body and skin’s time to rehydrate and recharge. Girl, get your beauty sleep!