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Tips for Living with Roommates

It’s a big change to go from living in a room by yourself in the comforts of your own home to waking up to another person next to you every day. However, having a roommate is something many college students go through and end up enjoying. By following these tips, it’s easy to turn the fear and dread of living with someone you don’t know into a bond that can last forever.


There may be many things you and your roommate disagree on. For example, lights out, having people over, playing music out-loud, the list can go on. These may seem like difficult issues to navigate, but there are ways both parties can be happy. Figure out your differences early on and talk about how the two of you can live together. If the two of you are very different, then remember to always try and compromise as it will make living together way more enjoyable.


As roommates, you might be sharing a small space for a long period of time so, it’s vital you understand each other’s cleaning habits, sleeping schedules, and view on having people over. Without communication, it will be impossible to just figure it out. Communicate about everything as early as possible to eliminate conflict later.

Scenario: your new roommate brings someone home at 3:00 in the morning without telling you. You are asleep in your bed, trying to get those z’s before your big biology exam. This situation can only be fixed with communication. As long as both roommates are communicating their wishes and plans, there are ways to compromise and know what is coming in both of your schedules. It can be extremely frustrating to work with, and around someone, but the more you communicate, the better you will get at creating a shared routine.


Bonding time! Scheduling in time to do things with your roommate means that instead of having awkward, forced conversations, you’ll get to know each other in a much more comfortable way. You may even realize there is the potential for the two of you to be great friends. You will find that it’s perfectly normal to have roommate spats and still get along really well. My roommate and I plan adventures frequently, and it all began when we discovered Winston-Salem’s pumpkin patch and llama farm.

Branch out.

Almost no one can spend time with just one person, so it’s important to find friends outside of your roommate. Spend time with people from your classes, your dorm and in your clubs. There are endless options when it comes to making new friends. Branching out is a great way to meet new people and if you do end up having trouble with your roommate, you’ll always have a place to escape.


One of my favorite things, whether it be at night or in the mornings, is a good roommate gab-fest. Share funny stories from the weekend, ask for advice, and rant about the endless amount of work you have. This is a great way to both bond and let off steam. The ability to have long conversations with someone will bring you closer than ever.


Taking the time to work through roommate issues may be tough but is also worthwhile. Many college roommates choose to continue living together, some even become friends for life. With these simple, yet efficient tips, it can be possible. It’s necessary that you and your roommate are able to address both of your needs and come to a mutual understanding in order to maintain a friendly and peaceful living environment.

Lydia Schapiro

Wake Forest '21

Hi! My name is Lydia Schapiro and I am a Senior at Wake Forest University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. I am from NYC and enjoy running, yoga, writing, and water sports. I like to write about fitness, movies & books, and mental health. My guilty pleasure is binge watching Sex and the City. My favorite artists are Cage the Elephant, Billy Joel, The Beatles, John Mayer, and Paul Simon.
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