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Things to Know Before You Get Vaccinated!

Disclaimer: Everything stated in this article is from my own experience of getting the first dose and is by no means medical advice. 

Account for the holding time.

Because there can be reactions to the shot, they will ask you to wait after your vaccine for about 15 minutes. It goes by fast, but make sure you build at least an hour into your schedule for the whole vaccination process. 

Hydrate and eat!

Make sure you are hydrated and have eaten something nourishing! You want to set yourself up for success, so don’t go in feeling poorly due to a lack of water or food in your system. Vaccinations can be stressful so you want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible!

Wear a short-sleeve shirt.

This one is a bit self-explanatory, but wearing a long sleeve shirt will make the process a lot harder! Bring a jacket if it’s cold the day you get your vaccine, then you can easily take it off to get the shot.

You’ll have to make a second appointment.

I got one of the vaccines that are taken in two doses, so I had to schedule another appointment for 3 weeks after my initial shot. Account for this and know that you will not be fully vaccinated until after the second appointment!

It does not hurt that bad!

I am well aware that pain is relative, but in my opinion, the actual shot process felt just like when I got the flu vaccine. Most of us have already gotten that shot, so the COVID vaccine should be no big deal! I was very nervous going in, however, the women giving the vaccines were very nice and reassuring. The worst part is probably the awkward soreness at the injection spot, so make sure that you chose the arm you do not sleep on to get your shot in.

I got my first dose of the vaccine this week and I am extremely grateful to Wake for providing it free of charge! I know that almost everyone is looking forward to life going back to normal. So, this is a huge step in the right direction! In the coming weeks and months, students in communal living spaces will become eligible for the vaccine in North Carolina. I hope this article eases any nervousness or apprehensions you may have!

Basia Scott

Wake Forest '24

Basia Scott is a sophomore from Greer, South Carolina, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Politics and International Affairs. Alongside acting as a Her Campus editor, she serves as the PR chair for Woof Forest (a charity-based student organization benefitting the Forsyth Humane Society).
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