A Taste of Wakanda

Marvel’s Black Panther is set in Wakanda, a fictitious East African paradise that incorporates culture and modernization. While one may never be able to experience the surreal kingdom,

“Giraffe Manor” offers a similar extraordinary experience.

Giraffe Manor is a small luxury hotel located in Nairobi, Kenya. Guests are invited to share breakfast with giraffes that roam the area. While some may be frightened by such close interaction with wildlife, the hotel attracts over 7,000 guests a year.



Tanya Carheartly and her husband have owned The Manor for around 8 years. Each work extremely hard to provide an experience that is just as rare as the endangered Rothschild giraffes that reside at a nearby sanctuary. In order to do that, there are over 65 employees many of whom local Samburu peoples. An amalgamation of culture and tourism demonstrates a distinct relationship. One could say that a similar relationship, one between culture and modernization, is emphasized throughout Black Panther.


A look at Wakanda and its significance evokes a sense of cultural pride. One could encounter a similar feeling by visiting Giraffe Manor thanks to its incredible beauty, appreciation for nature, and inclusion of Samburu culture.