Tabari Hines (‘19)

Name: Tabari Hines

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided (Maybe Economics)

Hometown: Florence, S.C.

Favorite Food: Crab Legs

Relationship Status: Single

From fashion to football, he’s a freshman living life to the fullest. Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, Tabari Hines!


HC (Her Campus): It’s the start of a new year! What were you up to this summer?

TH (Tabari Hines): Just going through [football] training camp was an experience. It was tough, but I got through it, and it was a life experience to have.

HC: Can you tell us a bit about your involvement here at Wake?TH: Well, I’m a freshman on the football team as the starting wide receiver.

HC: Did you feel like you had a hard time making friends at Wake coming in for your first year?TH: No, I thought it was pretty easy … I’m outgoing … I’ve made friends around campus, in the dorms, and definitely through football.

HC: How would you describe yourself to others?TH: Goofy, just a fun person to be around – I’m always smiling.

HC: So you’re an outgoing, adventurous person?TH: Yeah, you could say that; my friends should say the same about me, too … I’m very ambitious and hard working.

HC: I’m sure being on the football team here at Wake takes up a lot of your time, but outside of that, what do you like to do for fun after class?TH: I like to hang out with friends and go to the mall … I’m big on music.

HC: What’s your favorite genre and artist?TH: Probably hip-hop and J. Cole … He talks about life itself and not the stuff that doesn’t matter.

HC: So you said you’re a freshman, but you actually started at Wake last semester?TH: I came here in the spring and graduated high school early, so I could start a semester earlier … It was a pretty easy adjustment from high school. I wanted to get adjusted before everyone else to have a head start on football and not be behind.

HC: How did you first get interested in playing football?TH: I’ve played football since I was 4; I stopped playing basketball and baseball when I was 13 to focus on strictly football.

HC: Why did you decide to focus on football instead of the other sports?TH: It was the one I loved the most. I figured if it was the one I loved the most, even though I might not be as good at it, then I should do that.

HC: Did you play in the first game of the season against Elon?TH: Yeah. Since I’ve been here since January, I did play … I was a little excited and a little nervous, since it was my very first college game (laughs).

HC: Do you think it helps having fellow students in the stands to cheer you on?TH: Yes. I believe having a big crowd is really motivational … You want to make sure you’re doing the right thing to not only impress your fans, but your coaches.

HC: Any advice for fans attending the games?TH: I would tell them that we’re still working hard. You can only look for us to do our best, and it will get better throughout the season.

*Photo by Bob Hebert

HC: For those who aren’t familiar with Florence, S.C., what is the best part of your hometown?TH: The mall and downtown area … I’m big on shopping and fashion.

HC: Would that be something you’d like to pursue?TH: Maybe not now, but later down the road.

HC: Tell us a little bit about your family!TH: I have two brothers and two sisters. I’m the middle child … We’re a pretty tight family.

HC: We have to know – are you single?TH: Yeah. I’m just enjoying life and not rushing anything.

HC: Are you waiting to meet your “Southern Belle”? (Laughs).TH: (Laughing) You could say that. I’m just waiting to meet the right person … Someone who has their life together and has goals for themselves – a good head on their shoulders and doing the right thing … But not always so serious; outgoing just like me who is more of a best friend.

HC: What would be your perfect date?TH: Probably going out to eat, going shopping, and seeing a movie all in one date … More of just a hang out.

HC: Parting words: What do you think people should definitely know about you?TH: I don’t take life for granted. I live life and do the right things to make something out of myself.

HC: Any advice for fellow freshmen?TH: Just to stay on top of your work early. Once you fall behind, it’s hard to catch up on everything.