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StyleWake: Goodwill to All!

If ever you need a costume or the perfect tacky Christmas sweater, the Goodwill on University road is a one stop shop. Every Wake student visits Goodwill at one time or another in search of that oh- so- ridiculous item to put their theme party outfit over the top.

Well people, I’ve got some shocking news for ya. Some of us (possibly just me) actually shop at this thrift mecca. No really, like, I go there to buy real clothes and then wear them in the daylight hours. Thrifting has always been a favorite activity of mine, and some of my most cherished wardrobe pieces have come from thrift stores.

So anyway, as a little experiment for this here blog, I decided to take a trip to Goodwill, give myself an hour time limit, and see what I could find. Maybe this documentation will provide you with the inspiration to enter the joyous world of thrifting. Maybe not. But really, you can thank me later. 

1980’s sequin jacket (Look, it’s my face!)

Blue and black patterned sweater (one step closer to my life goal of finding the perfect Coogi sweater ala Biggie…more likely Bill Cosby…)(I have twelve dollars!)

Maroon crop top

This black and white striped shirt is actually huge on me, but a little strategic tucking makes it work (See RuPaul’s Drag Race for tucking tips and strategies)(Too much? Probably).

Blazers are everywhere these days, so it’s nice to see one with a slightly different shape. A special thank you to my roommate for lending her bod for this photo.

Overall, I spent a little over $15. For me the search is part of the fun, but if you wanna find some cool unique (albeit more $$$) pieces without the hassle, there are lots of shops in the Etsy clothing section where you can buy thrifted pieces without gettin’ out ya computer chair.  

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