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Stephen Goddard (’16)

Name: Stephen GoddardYear: SophomoreHometown: Richmond, Va.Major: UndeclaredMinor: EntrepreneurshipRelationship Status: SingleFavorite Food: Filet mignonFavorite Sport: LacrosseFavorite Athlete: RG3 (Robert Griffin III)

This week’s Campus Cutie is a super-involved Southern gentleman. Meet Stephen Goddard, a.k.a. “Sexy Steve!” 

HC (Her Campus): So you’re a sophomore here at Wake. What are you involved in on campus?SG (Stephen Goddard): This year I’m involved in RUF, Hydrating Humanitate, SAE, 1834 Campaign and I’m training to be a tour guide. I also used to play club lacrosse at Wake, but I can’t play anymore because I’m still recovering from a neck injury from high school.

HC: Wow, you’re really involved! What kinds of things are you looking forward to this year?SG: I’m looking forward to declaring my major because I have been thinking about it all day, every day. I’m also looking forward to studying abroad next fall.

HC: How would you describe your style?SG: I tend to like Orvis. It’s like a classic, old-school, sporty style.

HC: What do you look for in a girl?SG: First I look for a great personality – personality is a big thing for me. I like someone who is kindhearted. And I can be structured sometimes, so I like a girl to balance me out with being fun, spontaneous and energetic.

HC: Very nice. So do you have a go-to pick-up line?SG: I actually don’t. If I ever go up to somebody I just start talking to them. I just like to have a conversation.

HC: That’s the best way to do it! How should women flirt with you?SG: I like to have a sign so I can know that there is interest. If I’m given a hint I’ll go for it.

HC: Does anything confuse you about women?SG: I actually have to think about this… I don’t understand why girls have to go to the bathroom with each other.  I guess y’all just go get fixed up and gossip. How many girls can y’all fit in a bathroom?

HC: Is that a “y’all” I hear?SG: Oh yea, I’m a big proponent of saying y’all.

HC: A true Southern boy! What would you say is your most attractive quality and why?SG: I would say I’m outgoing and easy to talk to. I love talking to people. I guess you could say I’m a sociable guy.

HC: If you found the perfect girl tomorrow, how would you take her on the perfect date?SG: I would do something simple at first because I’d want to get to know her. Maybe a dinner where I can talk to her and get to know her. And then definitely do something fun afterwards to see what her personality is like.

HC: How do you get ready for a date?SG: I get freshened up, take a shower, put on some deodorant (laughs), plan out the night and get everything set. I like to go into it with some confidence.

HC: Any comments on your nickname, “Sexy Steve?”SG: All I know is that my friend on my freshman hall said it one day and it kind of stuck. My friends say it jokingly and I just think it’s funny. I’ll take it, but I promise I don’t call myself that.

HC: Do you have any pet peeves?SG: I do hate when people eat with their mouth open. Like I hate the noise, especially if it’s quiet around.

HC: Is there anything about you that might surprise us?SG: I’m sociable so people think I’m outgoing; but I also have an introverted side, too. I definitely like to have my own downtime where I can reflect and think about things.

HC: What are three things you can’t live without?SG: Definitely my relationships with family, friends and faith. I think that relationships are the most important thing in life. Number two would be fitness. Fitness is a huge aspect of my life – everything from eating healthy to working out. I have to have it every day. It’s just something I enjoy. And lastly, social life. I love meeting people and talking to people. Talking to people gives me energy and I feel like that’s really important.

HC: Do you have a motto that you live by?SG: You have to embrace every moment you have. Every second of life is valuable. My senior quote in high school was, “Only a life lived for others is a life worth living.” I just try to see the best in everything and everyone.  

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