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Spring Flings Or Engagement Rings?

It’s finally spring at Wake Forest and engagements are in the air. For a girl not raised in the south, marrying soon after college is a pretty foreign concept. But, when three seniors in your sorority get engaged the first month of your membership, you are forced to become very quickly accustomed to the Wake Forest spring engagement phenomenon. I wonder what inspires such a phenomenon. It must be the beautiful weather and the reminder of a long, relaxing summer that cause once-naked ring fingers to be decorated with gorgeous diamond rings and inspire proposal stories to be daily conversation (Yes, don’t think we don’t notice and admire them while “learning” in class). Senior year engagements are so common, with already ten at Wake this spring, that it has become a sort of competition for the most elaborate, planned and romantic proposals (it is true that males can turn anything into a competition). Most seem to happen on campus – I mean who wouldn’t want to be proposed to on a gorgeous spring night with Wait Chapel in the background? Also, the trend seems to be to take the fiancé-to-be to a memorable spot on campus, whether it be the place they first kissed or where he first asked her on a date. From the stunning rings I’ve seen and the stories I’ve heard, the competition is fierce and the guys better keep stepping up their game!

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