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Spin with DJ Gio Continanza (’20)

DJ & Music Producer

Year: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Orlando, FL

You opened for the Cash Cash concert last fall — how was that like? Would you do it again?

“Yeah, I’ve never been so happy and excited in my life. I made all kinds of new friends that ended up being one of my best friends to this day. I remember showing up early all by myself and looking at the stage from afar in awe. There was so much square foot in the arena it was overwhelming just to look around. It was also actually my first performance ever as a DJ, I always just produced music beforehand.”

How did you get started in music production?

“I started with pen tapping on tables in middle school. I would pen tap every lunch period and beatbox on the way to bus-stop and on the bus. I also played the violin and viola at the time. I didn’t enjoy it because the concerts were low energy, so I switched to guitar. After practicing guitar for about a year, I decided to pursue creating my own songs. I was pretty bad so I always kept producing to myself as if it was a secret. Now, I have DJ experience thanks to the Up&Up Festival, Ambience Nightclub, Last Resort Bar, college frat parties and college formals.”

Where do you get your music inspirations?  

“I kind of come at a different angle when it comes to getting inspiration. My goal is to create a show where I could possibly change someone’s life. I do it this way because a live performance at a music festival changed mine and if I could have the same effect on someone else then it’d be worth it. I feel like that’s what it’s all about in the end.”

Of all your songs — which is your favorite song and why?

“My first high-quality song called ‘No Clouds.’ My best friend, Michael, always points out whenever there are no clouds; he does it as a way to appreciate nature and life. Since the track sounds very outdoorsy, I decided to name it ‘No Clouds’ to remind us to appreciate the natural and simple things in life – the sky.”

I heard you have a new song, “Pixar” coming out soon — tell us about that.

“’Pixar’ is a powerful epic track that is supposed to take you to a magical place and experience yourself in your own fantasy. The energy of this song goes back to what inspires me to make music and puts a new light on big room dance music. The song is available on December 1st.”

Is there anything else you would like to add for our Her Campus followers?

“You can listen to my music @GioMakesMusic in all music stores including Apple Music, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and Spotify. I come out with a new track every two weeks.”  


Photos courtesy of: Gio Continanza

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Wake Forest '20

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