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Soothing Playlist to Destress the Soul

With spring break over it’s time to get back to work with our hectic schedules. Class registration quickly approaching for the next fall semester has left me, personally, in a whirlwind of stress. Although break just ended, taking time to find moments of relaxation and escape from the anxieties of college is essential in making it through your time at Wake Forest. It can be challenging to balance school, extra-curricular, sports, internships, etc. and as students we generally forget to take a moment of rest.

Finding moments of peace can be seemingly impossible, but the results can help support your emotional, mental, and overall physical health. As scheduling approaches and you begin to realize that your registration time is ridiculous and that the one class that you wanted is already filled – remember to take a deep breath. The year is almost over and anxiety is perfectly normal. Take about an hour out of your day to shut off your mind and put on some music.

Music, especially good instrumental music, is one of my favorite methods of escaping stress for a few minutes and emerging with a fresh, clear mind. As registration and the end of the semester draw nearer quicker than you anticipated find some much needed time to de-stress and recharge.

Need an hour or so of musical relaxation and soothing sounds? Click here.


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