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Social Growth is Just as Important as Academic Growth

It is extremely common to only focus on your academic growth in college. So many people get caught up in their GPA and what ranking they have in their class. However, there is so much more to college than just your academic status. Social growth is just as important and can even be more important in many ways. It is wonderful to grow in your relationships with people and build meaningful friendships in college. Once you graduate from college and get your first job, not many people will care about your college GPA. However, it will matter how well you treated people in college and whether you could create a community of people who can be your support network. 

Seeking professional help in times of turmoil can be helpful, but having caring friends can make all of the difference. It is crucial to have people you can go to and get guidance on your problems, work out struggles you are having, and just have fun with. Slumber parties don’t have to end when you are in middle school. Watching a movie and hanging out with close friends can bring so much joy in the simplest ways. Having movie nights, talking for hours on end, and going on fun adventures can bring people together. These are the memories you will hold onto when you are an adult. It may seem like your grades and assignments are the only thing that matters. You won’t remember what grade you got on that Spanish test or that History paper in twenty years. However, you will remember how people made you feel, and you will remember the kind people in your corner you met in college. 

Instead of overloading yourself with academic credits, find time for socializing. Just try to give yourself time to build friendships with others at your college. You will be surprised how much your life can improve when you have understanding and compassionate friends. Also, remember quality over quantity!

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Jen Schretter

Wake Forest '24

Hi. I'm Jen Schretter and am a Sophomore at Wake Forest University. I love to write about mental health and ways to persevere through the tough times that students deal with at College. Outside of Her Campus I love to dance, spend time with friends, and go on walks in nature.
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