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So, You’ve Caught the Freshman Plague

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

Article By: Lilly Sheppard

Freshman year is all about learning how college works. For some people, it may be navigating a difficult rooming situation, finding new ways to study, or trying to balance school and social activities. For others, like myself, freshman year is all about learning how to avoid getting (and staying) sick. Since I have suffered from the constant illness that is the freshman plague, I have come up with a list of my top five things to do once you have been diagnosed:

1. Call your mom. For me, this goes without saying since I call my mom about literally everything, but your mom does know best in this situation. She took care of you when you were sick before, so I am sure she is an expert on how to get better quickly.

2. Rest. As college students, we do not get enough sleep, but there is no way to get better unless you give your body a chance to heal. We are all crazy busy, but use being sick as an excuse to catch up on all the sleep you have been depriving yourself of.

3. Eat well. Again, as college student, this is an area we all struggle in. I know how tempting the Chick-Fil-A in Benson is, but trust me, the better you eat, then the better you will feel! Treat yourself to some yummy avocado toast, or a fruit salad to get your needed Vitamin C.

4. Rely on friends. In college, your friends act as your family. Give one of your friends a call and ask if they can bring you food, or just come hang out with you. Being bored is a common side effect of staying in bed all day, so spend some quality down time with a friend.

5. Talk to your teachers. The worst feeling in the world is getting behind in school and having the added stress of make-up work. If you talk to your professors, it is likely they can help you catch up on work without getting overwhelmed. Stress is likely to make you even more sick, or sick again, so take it easy.


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