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Sister to Sister: Leadership Advice from Sara Brigagliano

You may know her as Sara Brigagliano, ’16. You may know her as “Brigs.” Or you may even refer to her by her super-clever Facebook name, “Briggy Smalls.” Either way, this Politics and International Affairs major is known around campus — specifically for her leadership roles in Delta Zeta sorority.

When Sara joined her sorority she was looking for sisterhood, but also for a way to get more involved on campus. She applied and was accepted into her first Delta Zeta leadership position — “Secretary” –in 2013, and has worked her way up steadily since then. These various positions have helped sharpen her communication and organization skills.

“I haven’t had an interview yet where I don’t talk about these roles. They are so valuable to me, and to future employers,” Sara shares with us.

If you’re a collegiette who is looking to take on a new leadeship role on your sorority or in a club you may be active in on campus, Sara suggests that you take the leap ASAP. Her advice: “If you want to get involved but are hesitating because you are younger, don’t let that stop you. Growth and dedication go a long way, and older girls love enthusiasm!”

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