Seven Things to Do for Galentines Day (or any Ladies night)

By the time February 1st hits stores across the country are decked out in Valentine’s Day decorations. There’s no denying that any holiday that celebrates love is sweet, but one of my personal favorite holidays is February 13th, a.k.a Galentines Day! This holiday is a great way to build up your friendships and have an exciting day with your girlfriends. However, it's always important to celebrate your ladies any day of the week, so I’ve compiled a list of exciting things to do whenever you want to celebrate your gal pals:

See a new movie in theaters

There are plenty of new movies to catch in the month of February, but any classic will also do. Isn’t it Romantic is one that my friends and I are especially excited to see. The movie stars Rebel Wilson as a woman who gets trapped in a romantic comedy. Another movie that looks enticing is What Men Want where Taraji P. Henson’s character can suddenly read minds with a twist, only men’s minds.

Write all your high school friends from high school letters and mail them across the country

My mom recently sent me a pack of ten blank Snoopy themed Valentine’s day cards. As soon as I got them I thought: what better way to cheer up my friends in the middle of this cold, stressful semester than to send them a fun note! I also like to brighten up the envelopes by putting fun stickers all over them. has a good selection:

Bake with friends

A good way to get into the festive spirit is to spend a little time in the kitchen. There are so many fun themed pink and red recipes out there. This is a compilation of seven Martha Stewart Valentine’s Day Cupcake Recipes:

Take one of your friends out for coffee

As the semester starts to get crazier it can begin to feel like you never have a moment to catch up one-on-one with a friend. Scheduling a coffee date for around Galentine’s Day can be a good way to reconnect and make sure they are doing alright. You could also try a coffee shop you’ve never been to in the area. I went to House of Paradox last weekend with one of my friends and I am so glad I tried it! In addition to good coffee they also have waffles and a raging fire to sit in front of.

Curl up in your bed and watch February themed movies

Sometimes on cold days in February all you want to do is get under the covers with a cup of tea. There are tons of February themed movies to watch while you do this. Ground Hog Day, Leap Year, and Valentine’s Day are a few of my favorites.

Treat yourself to a massage in the office of well being

Getting a massage every once in a while is healthy. You can schedule them at the website listed above and at $50 they’re not badly priced!

Have a valentine’s candy exchange with your friends

My friend Carly thought of this idea because she used to do it with her friends back home. Have everyone go out and buy a little bit of their favorite candy/treat so that everyone can try some. It is a great way to catch up and you can do it in addition to watching a rom com or February themed movie!